retaW (Japan) Fragrance Candle “Metallic” Series

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s home goods label retaW has updated its popular fragrance candle line with the limited edition “Metallic” series for the holiday season. Now sporting festive metallic finishes on the candle holders, the line-up includes the ALLEN* in silver, the EVELYN* in gold, the NATURAL MYSTIC* in red, and the ISLEY* in blue.

Guaranteed to create a soothing atmosphere at home with its relaxing scents and eye-catching finishes, purchase these for yourself at the brand’s website.

PUSH Media explores the streets of Shanghai in its latest short “IN THE HAI”

Splitting time between Shanghai and Oslo, international creative collective PUSH Media takes a special interest in skateboarding; where its contemporaries are busy researching potential trends in “action sports,” the PUSH guys are naturally immersed.
Although the group has successfully completed large-scale projects for clients such as Budweiser, VICE, Beats by Dre, and Nike SB, the agency also – quite admirably – finds time to work on personal pieces. Here we find the group exploring one of its home cities – Shanghai – in a new edit, highlighting the city’s myriad marble plazas in illustrious HD.
Enjoy the clip and head here to browse more of PUSH’s work.

Dover Street Market x Converse All Star Chuck Taylor 70s “DSMNY”

As 2014 comes to a close, Dover Street Market New York begins its 1-year anniversary celebrations. Kicking off the festivities in a collaboration with Converse, the two join forces on the All Star Chuck Taylor 70s. An upgraded, premium take on the iconic high-top, this version was executed in all black, utilizing top-shelf canvas through the upper – which has also been printed with a neat “DSMNY” branding on the lateral sides.

Instantly distinctive, pick up this limited-edition version of the All Star Chuck Taylor online and at Dover Street Market New York beginning December 20.

10 Asian soups to keep you warm over the holidays


 Audrey Magazine:

On a blistering cold night, a steaming hot bowl of soup is the tastiest cure to the shivers and well, almost everything else right? Now that winter is full steam (sorry) ahead, here are ten different Asian soups, from the popular to the underrated, that you should try eating and possibly try making this winter!

1. Kuy Teav

Image courtesy of khatiya-komer

A Cambodian delicacy, kuy teav is a Camobidan Chinese pork noodle soup made from a clear broth and flat rice noodles. Kuy teav is usually enjoyed as a breakfast dish from street vendors, but we feel that it’s comforts will last throughout the day!

2. Soba

Image courtesy of

Unlike the popular ramen, soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour. Soba can be a year round dish and is typically served either hot and in a soup for winter or chilled with a dipping sauce for summer. Also, soba differs from udon in that soba noodles are thin while udon noodles are genuinely thicker.

 3. Laksa


A spicy Malayasian-Chinese fusion dish. There are three main types of laksa: curry laksa, asam laksa and sarawak laksa. Curry laksa has a coconut curry base, while asam laksa has a sourfish soup base, and sarawak has a sambal belacan base. No matter which type of laksa you choose, it’s sure to give you a kick!

4. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

Image Courtesy of S.O.F.A.T BLOG

There are many different types of beef noodle soups out there. However, the red-braised beef noodle soup was invented by Chinese refugees in Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War. Today, Taiwan considers this red-braised beef noodle soup a national dish. With it’s tender beef and spicy broth, it is sure to be a comfort during those chilly months.

5. Tong Sui


Tong Sui literally means “sugar water” in Cantonese and is a soup dessert that is a Cantonese delicacy.

6. Bakmi Ayam


Bakmi ayam, or often shortened to mei ayam, is an Indonesian noodle soup that is very simple but delicious. The main ingredients are wheat noodles, chinese bok choy (cabbage), and slices of chicken and mushroom. Eaten separately or together with the broth, the soup is delicious either way!

7. Sinigang

Image courtesy of PanlasangPinoy

Sinigiang is a Filipino dish. A tamarind-based soup, Sinigiang is usually sour because of ingredients such as guava and ripe mango.

8. Soondobu Jjigae

Image courtesy of LTHforum

Soondubu jjigae is a spicy Korean tofu soup. It’s typically served in a hot stone pot with other dishes such as rice, meat, or banchan on the side.

9. Milagu Rasam


Milagu Rasam is a pepper tamarind-based South Indian soup. Supposedly, both the black pepper and tamarind are natural heat-inducing ingredients for the body. Either way, milagu rasam is a tasty method to staying warm!

10. Bun Mang Vit

Image courtesy of PhamVo's Kitchen

Pho is probably the most famous Vietnamese soups, but Bun Mang Vit, a duck and noodle soup, is also another tasty option! The main ingredients here are duck, bamboo shoots and vermicelli noodles, but the lemongrass, ginger and chili give this soup a nice kick.

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