NEIGHBORHOOD (Japan) 2014 Fall/Winter G-1 Flight Jacket

NEIGHBORHOOD has dropped its own take on the classic G-1 Flight Jacket. Constructed in Japan, the flight jacket features a shiny horsehide body and flaunts details such as a sheepskin collar, two large front pockets, elastic ribbed cuffs on the wrist, an elastic hem around the waist, and finally a leather zippered pull.

This staple piece is currently retailing for $1,500 USD at HAVEN.

Final Fantasy XV Trailer

A new trailer has been released at the Jump Festa 2015 Japanese convention for the next installment in the ever-popular Final Fantasy franchise. While the trailer consists of a series of rather disjointed scenes and sound clips, we can tell that the plot of Final Fantasy XV, based on the franchise’s Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, will revolve around a road trip taken against the backdrop of an invasion of a city-state called Insomnia.

Delivering stunning graphics and immersive environments as has become expected of the Final Fantasy series, watch the trailer above and stay tuned for the release date of the video game.

A closer look at the fragment design (Japan) x Beats by Dre collection

Sick of BABYMETAL? How about some Sumo Metal!


RocketNews 24:

Japan has a few, shall we say, unusual commercials that have raised eyebrows around the world. While you may laugh, when you think about it, it just shows that Japan’s marketers really know how to get the audience’s attention–and isn’t that the job of a commercial, to get people’s attention? We’d say so, and we think we may have found our favorite new eyebrow-raising Japanese commercial!

An exhilarating, upbeat sound track? Check. A simple, direct message that makes almost no sense at all? Check. Half naked people? Oh, holy hell, yes, check!

Clocking in under a minute, this metalcore song features one simple repeated line screamed by (if the video is to be believed) the sumo wrestler Toyonoshima: “Move band!” This motley crew of rocking sumo wrestlers is filled out with Asahishou (on guitar), Gagamaru (on drums), and Tenkaiho (on bass), though we must admit that we’re highly skeptical that any of them were actually part of the recording process. Then again, we would pack our cash into a cannon and launch it at the nearest event promoter to get front row seats to see this Sumo Rock Band actually performing.

As you have probably figured out by now, the Sumo Rock Band isn’t the newest awesome band from Japan, but just an advertisement for “Move Band.” Part of Docomo’s Healthcare line, these wearable devices measure the user’s various biometrics, including number of footsteps, distance walked, sleep time, and, as you can see in the screenshot below, number of calories burned.



“Just now, the total number of calories they burned performing was: 5,287 kcal.”

While we’re probably not going to be slapping a Move Band around our wrists any time soon–we’re quite happy not knowing how few calories we burned today, thank you very much–we certainly are grateful to Docomo for filling our heads with dreams of a Sumo Rock Band tour. Preferably co-headlining with Andrew W.K. and Motörhead, just to get a balance between healthy and liver-punching unhealthiness.

Hopefully the Sumo Rocking Band wouldn’t try any stagediving through…

Self-healing glasses on sale next year in Japan

RocketNews 24:

Starting on 1 January, 2015 Vision Megane will begin selling their strongest frames to date. Dubbed the Super Taflex, it boasts extreme resistance to bending and stretching and also claims to be able to heal itself from everyday dents and scratches within ten seconds.

This healing ability comes from the frame’s “cross guard coating,” which according to their diagram is like a springy chain link fence which pops back to its original shape seconds after small ebony spheres have hurled towards it. This ability is said to work against any scratch that might occur in daily life as well.

Of course, glasses-wearers are probably more concerned about damage to the lens than the frame, but this is still definitely a step in the right direction. These frames are also forged with a special material known as Ultem, which has been used in spacecraft parts because of its extreme resilience under stress while retaining a light weight.

Super Taflex frames will be available in four styles all priced at 22,800 yen (US$190). So for all you out there working in the small ebony sphere factories across the globe, your prayers will be answered in a mere mater of weeks.

Terrorize your figure collection with a fully articulated titan model


RocketNews 24/Anime News Network:

In case your figure collection needs more naked people or angry titans, Kotobukiya is releasing a 160 mm (~6.3″) figure of Attack on Titan‘s Eren titan.





The figure has an MSRP of 4,968 yen (about US$42.25), and is expected to ship February 28, 2015.

Six non-traditional osechi New Year’s meals in Japan


RocketNews 24:

New Year’s in Japan is usually celebrated with family huddled under the kotatsu while munching on mikans, and sharing a dinner of traditional food, called osechi. Each component of the meal retains an auspicious meaning, granting the eater with good fortune, health, or fertility, among other things, during the coming year.

However, in recent years, an increasingly large population of Japan’s youth have chosen to forgo eating osechi. There are many reasons osechi has been disappearing from Japanese homes during New Year’s, but these changing tastes have given rise to a smorgasbord of strange, unique, and, frankly, comparatively tastier pre-made osechi meals. From cooked isopods to a box full of meat, let’s take a closer look at six modern day osechi.

Deep-sea fish osechi


So maybe this one doesn’t fall under the “tastier” category, but the “deep-sea fish osechi” from Clion Market features all types of ocean floor critters that have gained attention in the news this past year. Most notable are the underwater isopods, water snails, and several types of deep water fish, including the big-eyed kinmedai.


All that New Year’s fishiness can be yours for 21,600 yen (US$181)


Military-style osechi


On the outside, this osechi box looks tough as nails decked out in camo with the words “Japan Ground Self Defense Force” on the cover. But a first peek reveals something surprising…

▼ A normal osechi meal.


The second tier is more of the same. However, the third tier shows something different:

▼ Military provisions!


Hayashi rice, pork curry, and “delicious white rice” is lovingly packed in this military-style kit, perfect for doomsday preppers or people searching for a fun way to eat from a bag. You’ll just have to be willing to pay 16,200 yen ($136).

 Meat osechi

meat osechi

Who wants to eat boiled beans or herring roe when you could chow down on delicious marbled meat? Filled with nothing but the finest cuts of Japanese beef, this meatyosechi is perfect for the yakiniku lover. Four different boxes of various cuts of beef are priced from 10,000 to 20,000 yen ($84-$168).


Steamed osechi


Osechi is always served cold, often left out all day – one of the reasons its falling out of style in modern times. But this steamed osechi, which comes in a special box made of Japanese cypress wood, is perfect for those who want something warm to eat on a cold January morning. This high class meal includes fancy fare such as abalone, sea urchin, and foie gras and ham wrapped in cabbage.
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.05.23 PM

As you might expect, such a luxurious meal will cost you; 37,000 yen ($311) to be exact!


Osechi x AKB48


Ah, AKB48, the idol darlings of Japan. The fresh-faced teens are teaming up to bring pop fans across the country an alternative to boring old osechi. There are two boxes to choose from, each containing the favorite osechi dishes of the most popular AKB48 members. And this wouldn’t be an AKB48 tie-in without freebies and a prize raffle! Everyone who purchases a box receives an osechi information pamphlet and a “Happy New Year video” featuring members of the group. In addition, 48 lucky winners will receive a cloth made from a costume of the member of their choice. It will also be signed!

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.16.30 PM

Sweets osechi


If savory foods don’t seem festive enough to ring in the new year, you’re in luck. Just order this “sweets osechi” and treat yourself to two tiers of Western-style desserts. All the strawberry mousse and roll cakes you see below will be yours for 21,600 yen ($181).



Which non-traditional osechi looks the most appetizing? Adventurous eaters and those with peculiar tastes are sure to order the box of deep-sea fish!