Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui re-signs and resigns from the Yankees

Hideki Matsui retired from the New York Yankees on Sunday (July 29, 2013), as he signed a one-day minor league deal with the team and later inked his retirement papers in a ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Flanked by his father, mother and brother, Matsui sat at a desk behind home plate and signed his retirement papers to officially retire as a Yankee.

Derek Jeter: “He came here and was supposed to be this Godzilla that hits home runs, but he was a situational hitter. Matsui moved runners when he had to move them, he got big hits, he drove guys in, he wanted to play every day. The biggest thing — he never made excuses. Never heard him talk about any injuries, which I appreciate — he would play or he didn’t play; I enjoyed getting to know him throughout the years. He’s always been one of my favorite teammates and always will be.”

Jeter, who jokingly called Matsui an “ojiichan,” which is Japanese for old man.  Matsui reigned king in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Bunkyo, Tokyo (the city in which Hideki played with the Yomiuri Giants for the first ten years of his baseball career).

Check out the link:

Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui re-signs and resigns from the Yankees

Hideki Matsui

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