Scotty Nguyen and Tracy Shibata: “There Goes My Baby”

Check out our friends Scotty Nguyen and Tracy Shibata, dancing in this video to Usher‘s “There Goes My Baby.”

Scotty is a dancer/choreographer/director who has danced for the likes of Michael Jackson and The Spice Girls. His choreography has been featured on Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor USA, and America’s Best Dance Crew enlisted Scotty as a supervising choreographer for it’s seventh season. Scotty is currently working as the director/choreographer for the highly acclaimed Nuclear Cowboyz 2013 tour.

Tracy has been a featured dancer on television (Fame, X-Factor) and on tours with Rihanna and Kylie Minogue. She is currently on world tour with P!NK.



Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui re-signs and resigns from the Yankees

Hideki Matsui retired from the New York Yankees on Sunday (July 29, 2013), as he signed a one-day minor league deal with the team and later inked his retirement papers in a ceremony at Yankee Stadium. Flanked by his father, mother and brother, Matsui sat at a desk behind home plate and signed his retirement papers to officially retire as a Yankee.

Derek Jeter: “He came here and was supposed to be this Godzilla that hits home runs, but he was a situational hitter. Matsui moved runners when he had to move them, he got big hits, he drove guys in, he wanted to play every day. The biggest thing — he never made excuses. Never heard him talk about any injuries, which I appreciate — he would play or he didn’t play; I enjoyed getting to know him throughout the years. He’s always been one of my favorite teammates and always will be.”

Jeter, who jokingly called Matsui an “ojiichan,” which is Japanese for old man.  Matsui reigned king in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Bunkyo, Tokyo (the city in which Hideki played with the Yomiuri Giants for the first ten years of his baseball career).

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Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui re-signs and resigns from the Yankees

Hideki Matsui


Lambo’s and Yakuza… What’s not to love about that?

Underground Hero: Love To Hate Me – Lamborghini Bosozoku is a mini-documentary by Luke Huxham following Moroshi-San, a Lamborghini enthusiast, speed demon, and member of the Japanese Yakuza.

It takes a look at the underground automotive culture reaped by some of Japan’s most dangerous drivers. Just short of eight minutes, the documentary not only showcases the stunning cars shredding the city, but also delves in to Moroshi-san’s first encounter with a Lamborghini Countach, childhood disobedience, and what he describes as the “grey” area of his work.

The film also features Japan’s Bosozoku riders, and their heavily modified Honda and Suzuki bikes.



47 Ronin official trailer (feat. Keanu Reeves and Rinko Kikuchi)

Here’s the official trailer to 47 Ronin. The film features Rinko Kikuchi (currently in Guillermo del Toro‘s giant robot/Kaiju summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim) and Keanu Reeves.

Looks visually spectacular, although there are definitely comments out there about Keanu serving as the “Great White Savior” in this flick…


Japanese Tattoo Artist Hori-Taro and Eastpak Collaboration

Eastpak’s latest video follows legendary Japanese tattoo artist, Hori-Taro, and documents a regular day in his life, from the wake of the morning till the end of his routine. Working on tattoo artistry since the age of 17, he maintains traditional Japanese styles known as “Irezumi” which is performed using “tebori,” a machine-free hands-on technique that manually creates patterns on the skin using force from the wrist.



LeBron’s China Tour

Guangzhou’s Nike Brand Experience store was the stage for LeBron James‘ latest stop on his China Tour. In addition to meeting legions of his adoring fans, James took the opportunity to show off the Nike LeBron X “Championship Pack” in-the-flesh before giving lucky fans the experience of a lifetime when he signed their shoes. Basketball wasn’t the sole focus as James also got a chance to meet several prominent players from the local soccer club and two-time Chinese Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande F.C.

Capping off his Guangzhou visit was a stop at LOFT345, an underground art space, bar and exhibition space where local rappers gave James an impromptu performance, prompting him to step up to the mic to drop a verse.

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LeBron’s China Tour

Lebron China


Monkey: Journey to the West

What’s on the agenda today? Checking out Monkey: Journey to the West!

Monkey: Journey to the West is a musical retelling of the Chinese classic by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, creators of Gorillaz. It is a fusion of music theater, animation, and includes a cast of Chinese acrobats, singers, contortionists, martial artists, and and animated displays, all under the direction of Chen Shi-Zheng.



Tokyo Hiro… Bringin’ ink from Tokyo to L.A.

Our longtime friend, master tattooer (he prefers that term as opposed to “tattoo artist”) Tokyo Hiro is now calling Los Angeles home… Having apprenticed under several masters in the United States, Tokyo Hiro has gone on to be the go-to guy for rockstars and Hollywood actors working in Tokyo.  He has inked the likes of Lenny KravitzTravis Barker of Blink-182, and even Sarah Michelle Gellar in his shop in the Harajuku section of Tokyo.

Hiro is now working out of Bob Robert’s Spotlight Tattoo (5859 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA; 323- 871-1084)

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Tokyo Hiro… Bringin’ ink from Tokyo to L.A.

Tokyo Hiro


“Here Lies Love” closing this weekend

Hit off-Broadway musical Here Lies Love, the immersive theater event about Imelda Marcos with music by David Byrne and Fat Boy Slim, has been extended its run four times at The Public Theater (425 Lafayette, New York, NY.), making it one of the hottest tickets in NYC.

It finally comes to a close this weekend, although executives are ordering up design options for an array of theater spaces and negotiating with Broadway and downtown theater producers about re-mounting the show in the near future. Here is an interview with the cast…

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“Here Lies Love” closing this weekend

Here Lies Love