Happy 20th, Power Rangers!

The Power Rangers turned 20 yesterday! Back when it started in 1993, the Power Rangers were unlikely candidates to become children’s-television juggernauts. The show’s original iteration, Mighty Morphin Power Rangerswas a campy mash-up of action footage from a Japanese superhero series called Super Sentai and American-made dramatic scenes, a format the show more or less uses to this day. It was dreamed up by a television producer named Haim Saban, who first saw the goofy Japanese show at a hotel in Tokyo. The major networks had passed on a variation of the concept in the mid-’80s, but Fox, which was still a relative upstart, decided to pick the show up as part of its big push into kids’ television.

Check out this link:

Happy 20th, Power Rangers!

Power Rangers 20years

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