7-Eleven Japan introduces green tea/azuki bean popsicles


First 7-Eleven Japan gets Hot Ginger Ale, and now it has Green Tea Azuki Bean Bars in the freezer section. It consists of a shell of matcha ice cream frozen around a center of sweet, chewy azuki beans.

Be warned, if you’re not a fan of the strong tea flavor, this probably isn’t for you, though the sweetness of the azuki might counteract some of the matcha’s bitterness. But hey, the ice cream only sets you back 130 yen (US$1.30), so it’s definitely at least worth a try.

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7-Eleven Japan introduces green tea/azuki bean popsicles



“Fresh Off The Boat with Eddie Huang” kicks off Season 2 in Mongolia

You may have thought Eddie Huang‘s globetrotting Fresh Off The Boat covered just about everything imaginable in its first season. Nonetheless, the BaoHaus proprietor/author/food personality is back with the second season of his VICE-backed series. Kicking off in Mongolia, the new season’s first episode sees Huang taking part in the Naadam festival – a celebration of the “three manly sports” of archery, horse racing and Mongolian wrestling – before discussing the country’s recent shift toward democracy over a cup of home-brewed camel vodka with some local herders.

Enjoy the first part of the Mongolia-set piece above and stay tuned for part two.

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“Fresh Off The Boat with Eddie Huang” kicks off Season 2 in Mongolia



Neorealist painter Liu Xiaodong stars in “Half Street” documentary

liu xiaodong

Filmmaker Sophie Fiennes secures an intimate and charming exploration of the creative processes behind Liu Xiaodong’s figurative work in this excerpt from her 40-minute study of the pioneering Chinese artist, Liu Xiaodong.

The documentary, called “Half Street,” follows him during his time in London where he spent six weeks in residency creating works for two pubs and a restaurant, all leading up his inaugural appearance at London’s Lisson Gallery.

Liu, a documentarian and former actor who is married to fellow painter Yu Hong, took up a six-week artist residency at two pubs and a Middle Eastern restaurant in London’s Marylebone. He created eight large-scale acrylic paintings, immortalizing some of the neighborhood regulars of Polish, French, West Indian and Arab descent.

In this excerpt, he narrates as he paints some of the guests sitting in at The Perseverance pub, musing about their backgrounds and family’s stories, and ultimately heightening the realities of his subjects.

Half Street” will run from September 27 through November 2.

Lisson Gallery
52-54 Bell St
London NW1 5DA
United Kingdom

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Neorealist painter Liu Xiaodong stars in “Half Street” documentary

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.48.06 PM


27 Asian Leading Ladies Who Kick Ass


Defying the stereotypes imposed on Asian women, these actresses prove they’re more than just their skin color and a pretty face.

  1. Mindy Kaling
  2. Sandra Oh
  3. Ziyi Zhang
  4. Grace Park
  5. Freida Pinto
  6. Lucy Liu
  7. Ming-Na Wen
  8. Gong Li
  9. Parminder Nagra
  10. Yunjin Kim
  11. Michelle Yeoh
  12. Lea Salonga
  13. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  14. Maggie Cheung
  15. Brenda Song
  16. Maggie Q
  17. Priyanka Chopra
  18. Isabella Leong
  19. Jamie Chung
  20. Rinko Kikuchi
  21. Tamlyn Tomita
  22. Hana Mae Lee
  23. Katie Chang
  24. Qing Xu
  25. Elodie Yung
  26. Shay Mitchell
  27. Ellen Wong

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27 Asian Leading Ladies Who Kick Ass



Nike Air Max 90 Premium Duck Infra Camo: atmos (Japan) Exclusive

Check out Japanese clothing purveyor atmos exclusive Nike Air Max 90 Duck Infra Camo model, part of their Nike Air Max 90 Premium Camo Pack. Stemming from the classic “Infrared” colorway, the Duck Infra Camo utilizes its camouflage motif on a suede upper, while more traditional accents such as the red eyelet hold, air cushion sole cap and rear Nike emblem frame remain present.

The Nike Air Max 90 Premium Duck Infra Camo sneaker sees an October 5 release at SPORT LAB by atmos in Tokyo, as well as other retailers for ¥13,650 JPY (approximately $140 USD).

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Nike Air Max 90 Premium Duck Infra Camo *atmos Exclusive



Japanese ‘twerking’ pudding…


For as long as we can remember, Japan has dominated the market for making weird shit for no apparent reason, so we can’t say we’re too surprised something like this exists. From Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos to Sailor Moon Bibs, it seems like nothing that anyone anywhere has even the faintest fascination in is safe from the Japan’s ever-vigilant merchandising machine — not even Miley Cyrus. Behold internet: Twerking Pudding.

Actually a DIY-mold featuring the anime character Shin-Chan — of Crayon Shin-Chan, a show known for its lightly inappropriate/potty humor — this “butt-pudding” was discovered by Youtuber bonobos25 earlier this month. It’s also available on Amazon for only ¥1,191 ($12 USD).

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Japanese ‘twerking’ pudding



NY Times Best-Selling manga of the week

Sailor Moon

Here’s the New York Times Best-Selling manga of the week:

  1. SAILOR MOON SHORT STORIES, VOL. 1, by Naoko Takeuchi. (Kodansha Comics.)
  2. ATTACK ON TITAN, VOL. 1, by Hajime Isayama. (Kodansha Comics.)
  3. ATTACK ON TITAN, VOL. 6, by Hajime Isayama. (Kodansha Comics.)
  4. BLACK BUTLER, VOL. 1, by Yana Toboso. (Yen Press.)
  5. ONE PIECE, VOL. 68, by Eiichiro Oda. (VIZ Media.)
  6. DEMON LOVE SPELL, VOL. 4, by Mayu Shinjo. (VIZ Media.)
  7. ATTACK ON TITAN, VOL. 2, by Hajime Isayama. (Kodansha Comics.)
  8. NARUTO, VOL. 62, by Masashi Kishimoto. (VIZ Media.)
  9. ATTACK ON TITAN, VOL. 3, by Hajime Isayama. (Kodansha Comics.)
  10. NARUTO, VOL. 61, by Masashi Kishimoto. (VIZ Media.)

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NY Times Best-Selling manga of the week