YOMYOMF presents “Secondary Education”

YOMYOMF presents “Secondary Education,” a hybrid throwback to the educational after school specials of the 90’s and the Japanese Tokusatsu genre.

Three high school students are forced to make up a chemistry test during after school detention. Over the course of the afternoon, they discover that their Chemistry teacher, Eugene Yamamoto, has been leading a secret double life as a crime-fighting Power Ranger. When an escaped mutant lobster shows up in the hallways seeking revenge for his arrest at the hands of Mr. Yamamoto, they must use the science principles from the test that they failed to help him defeat it.

Says Jon Truei (director):

“Both the star of the film, Eric Lim and myself are Asian Americans, and we created the role of the well meaning high school Chemistry teacher Mr. Yamamoto to be a rare example of a likeable and relatable Asian American in a leading role, and to utilize this role to reclaim the imported Japanese genre of Tokusatsu.

We just premiered this week on the YOMYOMF Network, Justin Lin’s (of The Fast and the Furious Fame) youtube original premium content channel, and we’re fighting as hard as we can to make sure that the film makes it out to the internet public.”

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