INSA and Evisu collaborate and introduce the “Daicock Raw Denim Jeans”


British artist and designer INSA recently collaborated with Osaka-based denim brand EVISU to produce a special capsule collection of two limited-edition pairs of denim. Presented here is their take on Evisu’s Daicock Raw Denim Jeans which also drew on the talents of British designer Alex Noble. Available in a tapered fit for men and a skinny fit for women, both feature the artist’s signature vibrant paint drip graffiti effect on both the front and back while incorporating the Daicock design.

INSA had this to say about the concept: “It’s a mix of fashion, fetish and art, pushing the idea of a commodity seen as a fetishized object – in this case, luxury denim – and using the fabric itself to express this, and referencing the style of traditional Shibari is a nod to Evisu’s Japanese heritage.  It was a true pleasure to collaborate on the novelty piece with designer Alex Noble – I feel we both understand the sublimation of extreme fashion to artistic expression.

Limited to 300 pairs of each, the Daicock Raw Denim Jeans are currently available for purchase over at EVISU’s new flagship store on Wellington Street, Central in Hong Kong as well as online through at Evisu’s website. The male edition of the jeans is priced at $539 USD and the female pair at $489 USD.

Check out this link:

INSA and Evisu collaborate and introduce the “Daicock Raw Denim Jeans”



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