Artist Profile: Tenzing Rigdol


Check out the works of Tibetan artist Tenzing Rigdol this morning. Tenzing’s work ranges from painting, sculpture, drawing and collage, to digital, performance art. Widely exhibited internationally, the artist currently lives and works in New York.

Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Tenzing Rigdol

buddhaahhdeconstructionexperienced-390x582 image0158-700x577 image0160-446x582 indivisible-378x582 melarepameandrobertfrostlisteningtoapoemtheroadnottaken1-692x582 oneinlove_8bitsmall-527x582 picture1-576x582 rigdolmyexilicexperience-700x523 s2539Red_is_a_Box-590x582

P1030278-700x266 s2106aloneexhaustedandasle-700x236 s2147theartofhappiness-349x582 s2266dono-politicsemail-582x582 s2078_Updating_Green_Tara-444x582 s2940Autonomycropped-575x582 s2941Journey_of_my_Teachercropped-584x582 s2942Brief_History_of_Tibet8bitcropped-700x429 s2686Buddhas_Non-violent_Warriors-587x582 s2944Heroes_of_our_Timecropped-466x582s2946Premise_1cropped-392x582 s2947Premise_2cropped-394x582 tenzingmetamphorsisoflife-576x574

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