Tenderloin Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Editorial by ‘SENSE’ Magazine (Japan)


In addition to their superb mastermind JAPAN Final Retrospective, Japanese magazine SENSE produced an editorial for Tenderloin‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Featuring the brand’s signature Americana-inspired garments, Tenderloin’s latest collection picks up where their Spring/Summer 2013 offerings left off. Unique patterns and heavy fabrics comprise this season’s collection as seen in the tasteful photo series here.

Check out this link:

Tenderloin Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Editorial by ‘SENSE’ Magazine (Japan)

tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-02-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-03-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-04-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-05-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-06-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-07-600x900 tenderloin-fall-winter-2013-collection-editorial-sense-magazine-08-600x900

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