Filipina Beauty, Annalie Forbes, places at Miss Grand International 2013 pageant


It has been a very successful year for the Philippines in international beauty pageants in 2013. Two Filipinas took the top spot in the Miss World 2013 and Miss Supranational 2013 contests this year, Megan Young and  Mutya Datul, respectively.

In addition, Miss Universe Philippines, Ariella Arida, captured the third runner-up spot recently at the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Russia.

To add to this already impressive list, Bulacan native, Annalie Forbes grabbed the third runner-up spot at the first ever Miss Grand International 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday.

According to her bio, 19-year-old Annalie hails from Malolos City, Bulacan and is a professional lounge singer who loves jazz, bossa nova, classical music. She started singing at the age of 17. Her favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald. She is currently a first year BS Infotech student at STI Cubao. Her dad is a cab driver and she helps support the needs of her family. Her pageant experience includes Bb. Bulacan 2011, Miss Sophie Paris Philippines 2011 and Miss Makati 2011.

During the final question and answer portion of the pageant, Annalie was asked about preventing war and global conflicts.

She responded,”I will use my position to promote the advocacy of Miss Grand International using various instruments such as social media, the gadget itself, and if necessary, our personal presence to spread the wonderful message of peace. I would like to thank all the donator(s) of our country from the last typhoon Yolanda”.

In addition to placing fourth in the contest of 71 international beauties, she placed in the Top 20 in the Swimsuit contest and Top 10 in the National Costume competition.

Check out this link:

Filipina Beauty, Annalie Forbes, places at Miss Grand International 2013 pageant

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