Artist Profile: Kazuki Takamatsu


Kazuki Takamatsu creates stunning images of what might best be described as semi-erotic, childish Lolita girls in a dreamlike 3-dimensional fantasy haze.

There is a technique, known as depth-mapping imagery, which gives a three-dimensionality to an artist‘s work. One such artist using this method in his gouache paintings, is self-declared fantasist, Japanese sculptor and painter Kazuki Takamatsu.

Kazuki undoubtedly enjoys the mixing of traditional techniques with more modern ones, using gouache for hand-painted, single-color based figures, and at the same time employing the ultra-modern Depth Map, which is a technique, wherein each individual pixel becomes a shade of grey, each shade proportional to the distance from which the viewer sees it, in a combination that provides the artist with the ability to achieve amazing depth and surrealism in his works.

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Artist Profile: Kazuki Takamatsu

kazuki_takamatsu_2_13_20121209_1899498038 kazuki_takamatsu_2_15_20121209_1206119760 kazuki_takamatsu_2_18_20121209_1225471800 kazuki_takamatsu_2_1_20121209_1633941465 kazuki_takamatsu_2_20_20121209_1910665925 kazuki_takamatsu_2_22_20121209_1901831929 kazuki_takamatsu_2_4_20121209_2035547576 kazuki_takamatsu_2_6_20121209_1692047499

kazuki_takamatsu_2_7_20121209_1092045986 kazuki_takamatsu_2_9_20121209_1754115366

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