Osamu Tezuka x Lacoste L!ve 2013 Fall/Winter Collection


The offshoot Lacoste L!ve brand continues its 2013 collaborative series with famous Japanese manga team Tezuka Productions seen in a new collection of short-sleeved tops. Often referred to as the ‘God of Manga’ and the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, Osamu Tezuka pioneered many unique techniques within Japanese animation during his lifetime, and is most known as the creator of Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, and Black Jack to name but a few.

Artistic impressions from the his extensive catalogue will now be featured on both polo shirts and T-shirts in three new stories – King Leo, Crime and Punishment, and The Phoenix. The Osamu Tezuka x Lacoste L!ve 2013 fall/winter collection is currently available through the French brand’s webstore.

Check out this link:

Osamu Tezuka x Lacoste L!ve 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-2 osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-3 osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-4 osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-5 osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-6 osamu-tezuka-x-lacoste-lve-2013-fallwinter-collection-7

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