Artist Profile: Super Hero popsicle illustrations by Chung Kong


Netherlands-based creative director Chung Kong presents a fun poster series that combines his impressive design skill with his apparent penchant for comic book super heroes. For his ‘My Super Hero Ice Cream Series‘ he turned your favorite comic book character, such as Batman, The Incredible Hulk or Captain America into tasty frozen treats.

Unfortunately, the posters are currently not available for purchase, however, there are loads of more to chose from in his web store.

Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Super Hero popsicle illustrations by Chung Kong

super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-02 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-03 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-04 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-05 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-06 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-07 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-08 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-09

super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-10 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-11 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-12 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-13 super-hero-ice-cream-chung-kong-14


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