Artist Profile: Allen Wong protests HOA’s orders with Power-Washer Street Art


Is it considered graffiti if the design was made by cleaning something? This question is raised by a series of extraordinarily talented illustrations done by entrepreneur Allen Wong in front of his house.

It all started when the homeowners’ association in Wong’s town demanded that he power-wash his sidewalk. Fed up with their constant regulation of his property, Wong decided to stick it to the man by agreeing to their demands – with a catch. He power-washed his entire sidewalk with the exception of the silhouettes of a few of his favorite characters – Superman, Calvin and Hobbes, and Totoro.

His illustrations received much praise when he posted them on Reddit, but he will probably have to remove them – “This is the same town that when a kid drew a penis on a park bench, it went in the town’s newspaper. I’m just going to enjoy these pieces while they last before I have to wash it out,“ wrote Wong.

While the blue tape stencils pictured below are nice, they will only help minimally if you try to re-create Wong’s stunt. “The blue tape you see in the pictures didn’t stand a chance against the pressure washer. I had to draw the pictures freehand by memorizing where the tape used to be after I blasted it away section by section,” wrote Wong.


Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Allen Wong protests HOA’s orders with Power-Washer Street Art

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