Hip hop carnival hits Kolkata, India

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Times of India:

The city was witness to some popping, locking and breaking this Sunday. Well, if you are familiar to the hip hop culture taking the city by storm, you most probably have made the connection. The hip-hop carnival, that was organized by city enthusiasts, saw a riot of sorts as b-boys from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore and the Northeast came down to take part in the dance fest. 

It wasn’t just dance, but rapping, beat-boxing and a lot more. B-boys warmed up during the qualifiers to showcase their best in the jaw dropping finals, as the finalists bended and twisted their bodies to bizarre levels. As Vijay from Delhi beat-boxed to the DJ‘s beats, emcee and judge for the evening Harshvardhan Bhan did an impromptu performance that drew deafening hoots. It was almost like the participants were conversing in their very own dance-language! While the Roc Fresh Crew, Mumbai nailed the Two on Two Breaking and Seven to Smoke Breaking rounds, Crafts of Kammotionn from Kolkata aced the Two on Two Popping, Two on Two All Styles and Seven to Smoke Popping rounds, making it a truly joyous moment for the City of Joy.

Check out this link:

Hip hop carnival hits Kolkata, India

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3 thoughts on “Hip hop carnival hits Kolkata, India

  1. thank you for getting this event more highlighted, we hope to put up the hip hop carnival season 3 in 2014..

    • No problem! Our good friend (and former tour mate with A.R. Rahman) Pronjenit Guy Kundu posted about this event on his Facebook page, and we wanted to share the info on Team-Yellow!

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