Photo Essay: The simple beauty of winter life in Japan

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In Japan, while most of us foreigners are complaining about the bitter cold, Japanese farmers and fishermen across the nation are putting that dry, frigid air to good use. Although a somewhat rare sight in large cities, in rural areas, it’s not uncommon to witness strange bodies of floating tentacles or long curtains of noodles swaying in the winter breeze.

Cold wind drying” is a traditional method of food preservation that is still practiced today. This simple, economical way to prevent fresh foods from spoiling also gives rise to some breathtaking, bizarre and somewhat otherworldly scenes. Let’s take a look at some surprisingly beautiful photos from Japan of fish and vegetables hanging out to dry.

▼ A thin wooden dowel spreads the long tentacles of each hanging octopus, making them look as if they are swimming through the air.

Octopus hanging out to dry

Image: Twitter (rikimaru1518)

▼ Hanging near the sea, the pink cephalopods seem to stretch in vain towards the waters they came from.squid drying Japan2

Image: sysizu15

▼ From this angle, the dried squids look like a garden of ethereal flowers.
Dried octopus

Image: Twitter (maechamg)

▼ But the shadows cast on the docks are positively ghoulish.squid drying Japan

Image: sysizu15

squid drying japan3

Image: sysizu15

▼ They may look like white beaded curtains…Dried soumen

Image: Tokushima Tsurugi

▼ But if you look closely, you’ll see that the tiny strands are actually somen noodles.Drying somen

Source: Tatsuno

▼ Each individual noodle is dried and then cut to size.Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.55.08 AM

Image: Sakurai City

▼ Radishes are hung out to dry in December. The cold winter air gives them extra sweetness.drying radishes

Image: satoko933434

▼ Each purplish red globe looks like a tiny ornament hanging from a green stem. drying radishes2

Image: eigyo_takataka

▼ They may look like carrots, but these long strips are actually sweet potatoes. Dried sweet potato

Image: Phoenix Farm

▼ They look beautiful hanging from the rafters. Dried sweet potato2

Image: Totsukawa

▼ Nothing like a little winter sunshine to dry and sweeten up these potatoes. dried sweet potato3

Image: Totsukawa

▼ Long white daikon radishes are also dried in winter. dried daikon

Image: Kiimago

▼ It’s quite a beautiful sight to see thousands of daikon hanging out to dry.drying daikon

Image: Helvetica

drying daikon2

Image: Marutsune

▼ Different families have their own way of hanging the long white vegetables. It looks like a ladder!drying vegetables2

Image: Salty Dog

▼ No they aren’t socks, that’s Chinese cabbage out to dry next to the laundry. drying vegetables

Image: Twitter (tonko69)

▼ Salmon gentle sways in the open air.drying fish

Image: Twitter (tsuwat)

▼ A coat rack is dressed up with the help of tiny filleted fish. drying fish4

Image: Twitter (jinendotachi)

▼ The small silver fish match the newly fallen snow.

Image: Enjoy Yamagata

▼ These pike fish sparkle as they stand up tall.Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.56.48 AM

Image: Instagram (lordnakasy)

It’s amazing how even the simplest things – fish hanging out to dry, red radishes bunched together – can produce the most beautiful scenes. We hope these pictures have inspired you to take time to admire and appreciate the little treasures hiding in everyday life.

Source: Naver Matome

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Photo Essay: The simple beauty of winter life in Japan

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