Artist Profile: Moki’s Hayao Miyazaki-inspired surreal paintings


We recently checked in with Hamburg-based artist Moki, whose acrylic paintings we admired earlier last year and were pleased to be introduced to her fantastic paintings on wood! Inspired by Japan’s Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), Hamburg-based artist Moki’s acrylic paintings feature humans merged in cold, serene northern landscapes.

Moki describes the landscapes as isolated Scandinavian and Icelandic terrain, a subarctic frozen lake continent, untouched caves and moss meadows, and mountains sculpted into anatomical shapes by wind and water.”

Her second book, How to Disappear features both color and black and white illustrations and is available at Ginko Press.

Check out this link:

Artist Profile: Moki’s Hayao Miyazaki-inspired surreal paintings

Juxtapoz-Mioke00 Juxtapoz-Mioke06 Juxtapoz-Mioke20 Juxtapoz-Mioke01 Juxtapoz-Mioke07 Juxtapoz-Mioke15 Juxtapoz-Mioke02 Juxtapoz-Mioke08 Juxtapoz-Mioke21 Juxtapoz-Mioke22 Juxtapoz-Mioke24 Juxtapoz-Mioke28 Juxtapoz-Mioke29 Juxtapoz-Mioke32 Juxtapoz-Mioke14 Juxtapoz-Mioke25 Juxtapoz-Mioke30 Juxtapoz-Mioke34 Juxtapoz-Mioke03 Juxtapoz-Mioke09 Juxtapoz-Mioke16 Juxtapoz-Mioke17 Juxtapoz-Mioke36 Juxtapoz-Mioke04 Juxtapoz-Mioke10 Juxtapoz-Mioke18 Juxtapoz-Mioke26 Juxtapoz-Mioke05 Juxtapoz-Mioke11 Juxtapoz-Mioke19 Juxtapoz-Mioke27 Juxtapoz-Mioke31 Juxtapoz-Mioke33 Juxtapoz-Mioke13 Juxtapoz-Mioke12

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