North Korea: 20 Things you didn’t know…


You might not know much about North Korea except that it’s an isolationist mystery.

It’s time to learn some strange but interesting facts…

Check out this link:

North Korea: 20 Things you didn’t know…

north_korea_facts_01 north_korea_facts_02 north_korea_facts_03 north_korea_facts_08 north_korea_facts_09 north_korea_facts_10 north_korea_facts_04 north_korea_facts_11 north_korea_facts_05 Unexploded ordinance left behind by Al Shabaab lay on the ground ahead of being destroyed by controlled detonation carried out by a combat engineering team serving with the Kenyan Contingent of the AMISOM in the southern Somali port city of Kismayo north_korea_facts_12 norkor-rocket north_korea_facts_16 north_korea_facts_13 north_korea_facts_17 north_korea_facts_07 north_korea_facts_18 north_korea_facts_14 A North Korean woman uses a computer in north_korea_facts_20

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