Starting a new website? Why not make it a “.ninja” domain?

RocketNews 24:

Following recent evaluations by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) the world is steadily seeing a wider range of Top Level Domains (TLD). A TLD is the final segment of a web address like [.com] or [.org]. However, tech giants like Google and Microsoft have applied for dozens of new TLD’s as have specialized domain name companies leading to thousands of applications.

Perhaps the luckiest of them all is United TLD Holdco who have begun accepting registrations for the upcoming domain name of [.ninja]. By 18 April, it and around 80 other generic domains will have become available to the public.

From 19 February, .ninja has begun its sunrise period. This is where those who hold copyrights can claim a domain name before others. For example, if Kawasaki wanted to make a website for its Ninja motorcycles and their trademark was filed with the proper office they could get an advance claim on [].

The price of a sunrise TLD registration for [.ninja] is 22,050 yen (US$216) for the first year. However, in the case of competing claims like say the popular app Fruit Ninja versus a hypothetical food processor by the same name, the domain [] would go to the highest bidder between the two parties.

Since real ninjas don’t trademark their names and likenesses they are not eligible for this preliminary application period. RocketNews24 tried to contact a ninja spokesperson for comment but they were really hard to find. However, at 11:00am on 18 April they and all of us non-trademark owners will be able to register a [.ninja] website.

Other soon to be publicly opened domains include [.nagoya], [.education], [.email], [.solutions], and [.coffee]. There are also some metaphysical domains coming down the pike such as [.computer], [.domains], and [.link].

It should be noted that each TLD mentioned here is generic meaning you don’t actually have to be a coffee-selling ninja in Nagoya to apply. This comes as good news to us as [] is currently available!

Source: .NINJA – United TLD Holdco 

Check out this link:

Starting a new website? Why not make it a “.ninja” domain?

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