Tiger Mom vs. Brooklyn Dragon 2: The Charming of Chua’s Chihuahua

AsAm News/Huffington Post:

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Hopes for an epic showdown between the Brooklyn Dragon and Amy Chua appear to have been dashed, reports the Huffington Post (Photo by El Photo).

Much like the always teased, but never fulfilled battle between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, the Chua – Dragon showdown appears headed to the same fate.

Jie Song Zhang in January challenged the best selling author to a dual for supreme Chineseness.

To date, Chua has not responded to the invitation.

The world has expressed extreme disappointment.  Fight fans will just have to settle for talking about what might have been.

In even the most remote villages of China, people gathered to discuss the fight. “Jie-Song’s Chineseness is stroooong,” states Old and Uniquely Wise Duan, gesturing with an aged pair of wooden chopsticks raised in his right hand, its thin end pinching a single and elegantly hanging noodle, “but this Amy Chua, I hear she cannot be killed. I hear she was raised deeeeeep in the mountains and fed a diet of nothing but precious stones as a child, and that she practices the lethal and loooooong banned Gold-digging technique of kung fu.”

You can read more about this Asian American fight of the century in the Huffington Post.

Check out this link:

Tiger Mom vs. Brooklyn Dragon 2: The Charming of Chua’s Chihuahua

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