Artist Profile: Jiwoon Pak’s digital paintings



Jiwoon Pak is an illustrator and artist based in Seoul, South Korea. After studying fine art at the Valenciennes Fine art school in France, Pak returned to Korea where she has focused on digital paintings. Inspired by Korea’s traditional folk painting, where the contents of the painting (animals, plants or insects) has a symbolic and mystic meaning such as wealth and long life, Pak’s work focuses on re-interpreting the “colors and impressions obtained from these traditional and old things by the digital work

In recent years, I have been devoting to expanding the themes with the irrationalities and ambivalent feelings as to the life itself that should be inevitably faded and disappeared away just like those things and expressing them with natural materials or principles as a motif


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Artist Profile: Jiwoon Pak’s digital paintings

JuxtapozJiwoonPak00 JuxtapozJiwoonPak12 JuxtapozJiwoonPak10 JuxtapozJiwoonPak11 JuxtapozJiwoonPak08 JuxtapozJiwoonPak07 JuxtapozJiwoonPak03 JuxtapozJiwoonPak13 JuxtapozJiwoonPak01 JuxtapozJiwoonPak09 JuxtapozJiwoonPak06 JuxtapozJiwoonPak05 JuxtapozJiwoonPak02

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