Jamie Chung to Star in Indie ‘It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’


Bryan Greenburg Jamie Chung - H 2014

The romance film set in Hong Kong will be the directorial debut of Emily Ting, who also wrote the script.


Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung have been cast as the leads in indie It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong.

The romance film, which recently won the Canon Filmmakers Award from Film Independent, will mark the feature directorial debut of Emily Ting, who also wrote the script.

Chung, who is engaged to Greenberg, will play a Chinese-American girl who, while visiting Hong Kong for the first time for business, meets American ex-pat Josh (Greenburg). An attraction forms between them but the timing might not be on their side.

Ting’s Unbound Feet Productions (The Kitchen) is producing along with Sophia Shek of Hong Kong-based IXII Productions. Principal photography is slated to begin in Hong Kong in May.

Greenberg, whose previous work includes HBO’s How to Make It in America and TV series One Tree Hill, most recently wrapped production on Vice alongside Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane. Repped by Gersh, Ellen Meyer Management and Jackoway Tyerman, Greenberg can next be seen in A Short History of Decay, which comes out in May.

Chung appeared in the films Grown Ups, Premium Rush and The Hangover Part II, and can next be seen in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, coming out in August. She previously appeared on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and just wrapped production on the first season of NBC’s Believe. She’s repped by Gersh, 3 Arts and Morris Yorn Barnes & Levine.


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Jamie Chung to Star in Indie ‘It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’


A Bathing Ape Spring/Summer 2014 e-MOOK Lookbook


Streetwear mainstay BAPE provides a quick peek at its latest Spring/Summer 2014 lineup via the e-MOOK lookbook. Staying true to their signature aesthetic, the Japanese brand once again presents a number of staples reworked for the current season such as T-shirts, button-ups, shorts and headwear featuring a bunch of prints and patterns including the brand’s very own camo design.
The full BAPE Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available at select retailers across the globe.




Projection mapping coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland

Projection mapping is coming to Cinderella’s Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. Although the theme park’s Once Upon a Time projection mapping show’s first performance hasn’t been held yet, Tokyo Disney Resort has released test footage to whet fans’ appetite for the real thing.

The visuals seen in the video were created using a 1/30 scale mockup of Cinderella’s Castle, which serves as the symbol of Tokyo Disneyland, much as it does at Florida’s Magic Kingdom.

Framed as a story being told by Beauty and the Beast’s sentient teapot Mrs. Potts to her son, Chip, Disney says visitors can look forward to seeing appearances by characters from Alice in Wonderland. In the footage available we can spot the White Rabbit, late as usual, scurrying about his business, as well as the ramparts of the castle being covered in the playing card motif featured in the 1951 film.


Nintendo bundling Wii U with two games and an extra controller for $330 on May 30th




You don’t have a Wii U yet, right? You’re forgiven, and far from unique (in that respect, anyway — you’re a unique snowflake otherwise). Should the eighth entry in the Mario Kart series pique your interest, Nintendo‘s got a pretty fantastic bundle arriving at the end of May with a copy of the game, an extra Wii Remote Plus gamepad, and a free download of one of four games. All that stuff comes together in one box for $329.99 — a pretty great deal considering the Wii U system in the box costs $300 by itself!

The price isn’t a measure of Nintendo trying to save you dough, but one of a company struggling to make its game console relevant against growing competition from Sony and Microsoft. The PlayStation 4‘s sales are already outpacing the Wii U, at 7 million consoles compared to Nintendo’s 5.86 million (as of Dec. 31 2013); Xbox One isn’t far behind at 5 million.

With major third-party publishers like EA and Ubisoft largely abandoning the Wii U, Nintendo’s leaning on first-party software to sell the system. And that’s where this Spring’s Mario Kart 8 comes in, the latest entry in a series going back to the Super Nintendo era. Like Microsoft offering Titanfall bundled in with Xbox One, Nintendo is bundling a major, exclusive release with its console, and taking a hit on profits from game sales in favor of putting more Wii Us in more living rooms. The hope is, in the long run, more consoles in homes means more game / accessory sales (which is where the real money is for Nintendo).

The company also announced this week that it’s going to skip holding a press conference at E3, instead opting to host a Nintendo Direct video stream.


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Nintendo bundling Wii U with two games and an extra controller for $330 on May 30th


BEAUTY & YOUTH (Japan) and skating/BMX enthusiasts T19 collaborate on Capsule Collection



Japanese fashion mainstay BEAUTY & YOUTH reached out to the skate and bike enthusiasts of T19 to work on a small yet quite impressive capsule collection. The lineup comprises besides a range of throwback style tees and longsleeve, a BMX bike, a cruiser skateboard plus skate tool, and a pair of Vans Old Skool sneakers. All of the items come adorned with T19′s signature royal blue colorway and checkerboard design.

You can get ahold of the full collection at BEAUTY & YOUTH’s official online store


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BEAUTY & YOUTH (Japan) and skating/BMX enthusiasts T19 collaborate on Capsule Collection






New ‘Godzilla’ trailer pits Godzilla against other monsters

Think that all the destruction and chaos glimpsed in previous trailers for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla was the result of just one monster? Think again.

The new Asian trailer for the movie not only gives us our best look yet at the eponymous atomic lizard, but also other kaiju.

Amid scenes of explosions, resolute humans staring into the distance and artfully composed carnage, the latest trailer reveals Godzilla facing off against some kind of mutated flying creature that’s part bird, part pterodactyl as Ken Watanabe solemnly intones, “Let them fight.”

The trailer also suggests a shift in focus for the movie, with Godzilla being restored to his occasional role of humanity’s defender against other menaces. “Can you kill it?” asks Aaron Taylor-Johnson of Watanabe as we see the flying creature terrorize the occupants of a building. “I believe something can,” Watanabe responds. As Godzilla is revealed, Taylor-Johnson whispers, “A monster …” only to be corrected, “No — a god.”