Take a Look Inside AMBUSH’s Tokyo Office


Japan has a well-deserved reputation for being that little bit more adventurous when it comes to fashion. Maybe it’s something in the water but on this side of the world they like things to really stand out. What would happen, then, if we visited the studio of one of Japan’s boldest jewelry and accessories design teams and challenged them with some sleek, minimalist home audio equipment from Europe? That’s what happened when AMBUSH took on the iconic BeoPlay A9, a design beauty from Danish brand B&O PLAY. 

High Snobsiety:


Take one look at the accessories designed by Verbal and Yoon – the alarmingly stylish husband-and-wife duo behind AMBUSH – and it should come as little surprise to find that their studio is full to bursting point with avant-garde furniture, intriguing literature, obscure pop culture and, of course, lots and lots of bling. The pair’s larger-than-life jewelry designs, which have found favor with A-list celebrities from Kanye West to Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Lady Gaga, take inspiration from all manner of classic and contemporary sources, many of which you’ll find scattered around their workspace.

The juxtaposition is almost mind-boggling: busts of great classical composers like Handel and Strauss rub up against ET dolls and Daft Punk figurines, while vintage Chanel signage sits alongside Mickey Mouse coffee mugs and a lamp shaped like a gold AK-47. It’s like a postmodernist’s wet dream – the perfect environment to house their larger-than-life collection of clothing and accessories, most of which can be found arranged in large glass display cabinets as if they were ready for purchase each morning.

Elsewhere, the studio also plays home to Verbal’s colossal record collection, which runs to the thousands and sits along one wall of the corridor that bisects the space. As a celebrated emcee and DJ in his own right, music plays a big part in Verbal’s life – as evidenced by the fully soundproofed recording studio and DJ suite that lies behind one door! The perfect place to take a break from the stresses of designing a fresh collection.

With music so close to their heart, it’s no wonder that the BeoPlay A9 fits right in to the entertainment area of Verbal and Yoon’s workspace. In pure white, with all three wooden legs removed, the disc-shaped speaker sits like a work of modernist art on their coffee table, hooked up wirelessly to the multimedia center. It might be the most monochrome item of furniture they own, but its groundbreaking design and world-class sonic performance mean it’s every bit at home in these premium-furnished surroundings. And, whether it’s German classical orchestras or Japanese hip-hop playing through it, the sound quality speaks for itself.



Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Current Location: Tokyo, Japan

AMBUSH is the brand created by multi-talented married couple Young-Kee Yu, AKA Verbal, and Yoon Seokjoong. The duo’s signature mix of ancient culture and hip-hop chic has led to a series of attention-grabbing designs that quickly found favor with A-list music stars and underground fashion obsessives alike. While originally designed for the braver market of their native Japan, AMBUSH jewelery has since been discovered by fans of statement fashion across the world, and has developed a strong cult status.


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Take a Look Inside AMBUSH’s Tokyo Office




10 types of baseball spectators in Korea



RocketNews 24:


As you probably already know, the world is currently in the grip of World Cup fever, with almost every channel on TV and website riding the wave. For soccer (or football) fans, this might be the best time in four years, but for the non-fans who are instead getting annoyed by soccer highlights popping up on TV and flooding their Facebook timelines, here’s an article about baseball for a change!

Korean internet content giant Naver’s trend reporters show us the stereotypes of baseball spectators in Korea! What type of baseball fan are you?


1. The Foodies

Can’t watch a movie without some popcorn and nachos? These Korean baseball fans can’t sit through a match without pizza and fried chicken! Sometimes the amount they eat makes other onlookers wonder if they’re treating the stadium as their picnic ground. Hopefully they’re paying more attention to the game than the pepperoni slices on their pizza.






2. The Selfie Maniacs

They’re everywhere, even at baseball games. Okay, maybe your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers are dying to know that you’re at a baseball match, but just one photo is sufficient for that status update, right? It seems some Korean girls can been seen snapping selfies throughout the entire game. Talk about maniacal fans.





3. The Hunk Hunters

Don’t know which team to support? Just support the one that has the best looking men!




4. The Hardcore Cheerleaders

Who needs loudspeakers when you can scream your head off? These super screamers put the professional cheerleaders to shame with their overwhelming passion and voices. Perhaps they burn just as many calories shouting as the players running on the field.




5. The Happy Drunkard

Too shy to cheer? Down a few cans of beer and you might be the happiest and loudest spectator in your block. The people sitting around you might not be too happy though.




6. The Well-Dressed Fan

By well-dressed, we don’t mean that they attend the game in the latest fashion items. This is the guy who turns up in the perfect baseball outfit so impeccable that from afar you might mistake him for a team representative.




7. The Real Baseball Maniac

Even though he’s physically in the stadium watching the match, he persists on watching the live telecast on a mobile device. He comes to the stadium simply to experience the atmosphere around him since the live telecast gets the best angles for every pitch, hit and run, and professional commentary and game analysis.



What about couples that watch baseball matches together? These are the three typical types of couples seen at Korea’s baseball league matches!


8. The Love Birds

Couples who support the same team. They turn up in matching team outfits and watching the game is more like an enjoyable date for the both of them.





9. The Fan and the Non-Fan

He initially explains the game patiently to his girlfriend who doesn’t have the slightest clue about baseball. But after about three questions, his patience starts to wane and his girlfriend becomes a nuisance that is distracting him from the match. Eventually, she runs out of patience too and the day ends on a sour note regardless of the outcome of the match.






10. The Rivals

They both love baseball, but they’re cheering for different teams. Watching a baseball game together is a fun activity they both enjoy… that is until the teams they support are up against each other.



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10 types of baseball spectators in Korea


A Multitrack A Capella Cover of the ‘Overworld 1′ Song From Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Bros. 3′

YouTube entertainer Max “Smooth McGroove” Gleason created a multitrack a capella cover of the “Overworld 1” song from Nintendo’s 1988 video game Super Mario Bros. 3.


Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection


Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Over the course of his illustrious career, Japanese designer Junya Watanabe has effectively staked his claim as one of menswear’s most respected designers. More often than not, his design has followed a balance between progression and versatility. We’ve seen a number of pieces effortlessly make their way off the runway and into daily wear. His ongoing theme rooted in contrast through materials and patterns is something to be expected with each collection.
Spring 2015 took an indigo-heavy route with several patchwork executions applied through casual jackets with much of the pants styled in cuffed fashion.
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Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection
Image of Junya Watanabe 2015 Spring Collection


China’s most pompous millionaire just threw a ridiculously fancy lunch for homeless New Yorkers


China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers

RocketNews 24:


Multimillionaire Chen Guangbiao, the self-proclaimed “most influential person of China,” held a massive event in New York City on Wednesday during which he handed out $100 bills to 200 homeless people at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.

He’s the man! He’s the man!” one man shouted, throwing his arm around Guangbiao and waving the three $100 bills in the air.

I wish and hope that you will put the money into good use,” Guangbiao said in remarks delivered through a translator.

I hope that you will use this money as seed money for whatever job training or job education you will receive so that you can help yourself,” he said.

Guangbiao, 46, then told the crowd that he would like to do this every year. They began to cheer and whistle.

Along with the cash, Guangbiao’s homeless guests were treated to a lunch of seared sesame-crusted tuna with an Asian slaw and steak with mashed potatoes and green beans by a white-gloved waitstaff.


China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers2The meal Guangbiao had served for his guests.

They’re not feeding the press?” one of the many members of the media in attendance quipped beforehand.

Guangbiao began his New York City adventure Tuesday when he strolled through the streets of Tribeca with a photographer and reporter from the New York Postattempting to hand out $100 bills to passersby. That effort didn’t exactly go as planned as many of the New Yorkers Guangbiao tried to hand money to ignore his entreaties.

The lunch also didn’t go off without a hitch. According to the event’s invitation, the lunch was for 300 “poverty-stricken people.” But only 200 people from the New York City Rescue Mission were able to attend.

At least 100 other homeless community members were left outside the event.


China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers3Homeless people waiting outside the lunch.

Duwell, one of the men who found himself barred from the luncheon, called the event “the worst fraud [he] has ever seen perpetrated against the homeless community.”

I am handicapped, and I have been waiting here for 10 and a half hours,” he said. “I have been chased by the police and treated with disrespect after we were promised a gourmet meal and $300. This is a publicity stunt.”

Another woman, Tammy, claimed she waited three hours and said she “was going to stay as long as [she] had to, to get her good meal.”

Tammy questioned the method used to invite people to the event.

Why would you send an invitation by email to homeless people? If I had a computer, I would have a home!

Tammy never made it inside.

An Anti-Chinese Communist Party group also gathered in protest outside the venue, repeating a chant of “Chinese Communist Party is evil! Chinese Communist Party is terrible!” throughout the day.

The Anti-CCP presence was not surprising, though, since CCP supporters clad in military fatigues turned out in huge numbers to volunteer for the event.

Despite the controversy, Guangbiao seemed to remain confident in his philanthropic efforts.


China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers4Chinese Communist Party supporters outside the lunch.

I have helped millions of people and would like to encourage the press to interview the people who actually received help from me today — instead of listening to those people who might be jealous who might have a lot of negative things to say about what I have to offer,” Guangbiao said at the lunch.

The reason why folks were left out wasn’t exactly clear.

Guangbiao is a recycling magnate with a reported wealth of $740 million. He is infamously eccentric and, according to Reuters, “something of a celebrity in China.”

One of Guangbiao’s trademarks is singing the song “We Are The World.” He mentioned the song repeatedly during the lunch. He also performed some magic tricks for the crowd.


China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers5Guangbiao’s DVD.

China's Most Pompous Millionaire Just Threw A Ridiculously Fancy Lunch For Homeless New Yorkers6Guangbiao performing magic.

On his business card, Guangbiao describes himself as the “Most Influential Person of China, Most Prominent Philanthropist of China, China Moral Leader, China Earthquake Rescue Hero, Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model, Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China,” among many other self-proclaimed accolades.

During the Central Park event, a DVD played in the background that constantly referred to Guangbiao as “the No. 1″ this and “the No. 1″ that in China. We eventually lost count.

Guangbiao is one of the 400 richest people in China. At the event, he explained his rationale for giving cash away.

Some people [say] that money is almost like human waste — you don’t come to this earth with it and you cannot carry it to your next life.”


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 China’s most pompous millionaire just threw a ridiculously fancy lunch for homeless New Yorkers



Japanese tradition and technology combine to beat the heat with USB uchiwa


UU 4

RocketNews 24:


One of the essential items for getting through Japan’s hot and humid summer is an uchiwa, or paper fan. With its large surface area and long handle, you can work up more of a breeze with an uchiwa than a dainty folding fan.

Unfortunately, you might work up a bit of a sweat as you furiously fan yourself, which kind of negates the whole purpose of using a fan to begin with. Thankfully, there’s now a way to get around all that manual labor with a USB-powered uchiwa.

The fan itself in manufacturer Thanko’s USB uchiwa kit is nothing special. What justifies its 3,980-yen (US$39) price tag, though, is the apparatus it’s attached to.


UU 3

Simply plug the contraption into your USB port, and sit back to enjoy a nice, relaxing breeze.

There are two speed settings, with the stronger capable of producing some pretty impressive gusts. The range of the fanning motion can also be adjusted, as can the height the fan stands at.

There are a couple downsides to this technological luxury, though. First, while we’re sure the wind it produces feels soothing to your skin and soul, when the machine is in motion, it’s a little on the loud side.


▼ This woman must be one heavy sleeper.

UU 2

Second, the kit doesn’t come pre-assembled.

UU 6


This isn’t such a big problem, though, as the manufacturer has posted an instructional video that walks you through the steps.

As long as those two sticking points don’t bother you, you can place your pre-order for the USB uchiwa kit right here. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants a touch of traditional Japanese culture, doesn’t like the chilled air spat out by air conditioning units, or just wants to remind the machines that they’re still subservient to their human masters.


UU 5


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Japanese tradition and technology combine to beat the heat with USB uchiwa


BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS (Japan) 2014 Summer “Jill” Coach Jacket


Image of BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS 2014 Summer "Jill" Coach Jacket


Like their varsity-style counterparts, coach jackets seem to be here to stay and among the better options on the market is BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS“Jill” jacket. New for Summer 2014, the athletic-inspired outerwear piece is constructed from lightweight nylon and includes a front snap button closure, dual front pockets and printed graphics on both front and rear. The Japanese label’s emphasis on details, meanwhile, comes through in the form of an adjustable waist, woven label and a great fit.

A perfect outer layer for the summer months, BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS’ Summer 2014 “Jill” Coach Jacket is available now from the HYPEBEAST Store.


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BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS (Japan) 2014 Summer “Jill” Coach Jacket


Asics Gel Saga “Exploration Tech” Soft Grey/White


Image of Asics Gel Saga "Exploration Tech" Soft Grey/White

Asics release another solid colorway to its original ’90s Gel Runner. As a second offering to the “Exploration Tech” pack, the sneaker sees a leather/suede light gray upper, a blue internal collar, red hits throughout and a speckled midsole. The shoe also incorporates Asics’ trademark GEL cushioning system, making it comfortable along with lightweight.

Those interested can head over to COMMONN as these are now available for £94 GBP (approximately $160 USD).


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Asics Gel Saga “Exploration Tech” Soft Grey/White


Stay cool with somen ice Cup Noodles this summer



RocketNews 24:


Nissin Cup Noodles are outrageously popular in Japan and have a firm following worldwide. Now, to keep the love flowing throughout the hot summer months, they’ve released a new special version designed to be eaten icy cold. For the first time, the company will be releasing somen, the thinnest of traditional Japanese noodles, for a meal so light and tasty you’ll be wanting to eat them all year!

Set to hit shelves on July 7, a date that noodle manufacturers have dubbed “Somen Day”, the new packaging features the cooling images of a snow-capped Mt Fuji and a traditional boat ploughing through blue waves. With clam, konbu seaweed and shiitake mushroom flavours added to a chicken soup base accented with hints of ginger, you’ll be getting a taste of Japan with every slurp.





Of course, somen can be enjoyed hot, but for a true Japanese summer experience, you’ll need to add ice. Simply add boiling water to three centimetres below the inner line, stir for thirty seconds and then let stand for two and a half minutes. After that, add ice, stir and it’s ready to enjoy!




This meal comes cheap, at 170 yen (US$1.67) a pop. Aimed at bringing a piece of traditional Japan to the instant food industry, we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these this summer!


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Stay cool with somen ice Cup Noodles this summer