Japanese Art: “Hitofude Ryuu”- single-brushstroke dragons


The serpentine dragon is a staple element of the mythology of many different cultures in Asia, so it’s not surprising that its powerful, writhing form has captured the imagination of many artists there. Some talented artists have even mastered the art of ‘Hitofude Ryuu’, or of creating beautiful, multi-colored dragon bodies in a single brushstroke.

Each dragon takes more than one stroke, obviously – the head, whiskers, and other details come separately. But the fact that the body is done in one graceful and hypnotizing stroke is still amazing. The artists in these videos are from a small Japanese studio called Kousyuuya, but there are many artists in the region who have mastered this graceful and difficult art.

More info: kousyuuya.com (h/t: colossal, iromegane.com)

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