Louis Vuitton’s Matsuya Ginza Façade by Jun Aoki

Image of Louis Vuitton's Matsuya Ginza Façade by Jun Aoki

When Louis Vuitton commissioned him to design a new facade for the brand’s Matsuya Ginza store, architect Jun Aoki tapped into the Ginza district’s unique history for inspiration. Drawing heavy influence from Ginza’s art deco heritage, he crafted an aesthetic that blends traditional edo-komon patterns with highly stylized geometric shapes.

The result is a look that’s undeniably modern, incorporating clean lines and a prominent nod to Louis Vuitton’s iconic damier pattern. The facade was also designed with brilliant LED backlighting that lights up at night, making it impossible to mistake this storefront for anything but Louis Vuitton.

Check out more images of Aoki’s work here.

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