Asian American “prankster” goes viral

YouTube prankster Josh Paler Lin (林啟晨) posted a video, “How Does A Homeless Person Spend $100?” before Christmas that has been viewed more than 30 million times.

AsAm News/World Journal:

Josh Paler Lin had no idea his little experiment would end up the way it did.

As the World Journal reports, Lin gave $100 to a homeless man named Thomas near Anaheim and then followed him with a video camera to see what he would do with it.

To Lin’s surprise, Thomas bought food and shared it with other homeless people, many whom he didn’t even know.

Lin asked him why he did it. Thomas told him it brought him happiness.

Lin who calls himself the “craziest Asian prankster alive” has started an Indiegogo campaign for Thomas and has raised $139,000 as of this writing. Lin hopes to surprise Thomas with enough money for him to buy a home.

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