Incredibly responsible seven-year-old spotted driving drunk father home in China


RocketNews 24:

We’ve got a new candidate for the “Worst Father of the Year” award. And trust us–he’s got a very good chance at winning that title. What responsible parent would make his seven-year-old son drive him home after getting drunk and passing out??

Following a lead at the China-based English-language news portal That’s, the child was seen driving a motorized tractor vehicle in the city of Yizhou, Guangxi, an autonomous region in South Central China. According to the original Weibo post by a Guangxi newspaper, the child reportedly drove more than 20 km (12.4 miles) at night with his inebriated father sprawled in the back wagon.

▼Guangxi, China: Where seven-year-olds take the wheel, apparently.


As shocking as it seems, here is the photographic evidence:

▼”Father of the Year” caption courtesy of That’s.




Since few details are known, this bizarre scene raises all sorts of questions: How did the newspaper know that the child was seven years old? Why did the boy know how to drive in the first place? And most importantly, why the heck did the people who took the photos apparently follow the young driver for 20 km without ever attempting to stop him?

Let’s hope that this was only a one-time stint and the father has sobered up so that he will never, ever endanger his child like that again.

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