Chinese man wakes up from one-year coma after smelling cash

Condition Change: Man Comes Out of Coma for Smell of Money
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While money isn’t everything, it can and does save lives … and in ways you would never expect.

In a story out of China, a man named Xiao Li who had been in a coma for over a year suddenly awakened after getting a whiff of cash that a nurse waved under his nose. According to the Central European News, one sniff of a 100 rmb bill (roughly $16) was all it took to wake the man up.

Chief medic Dr. Liu Tang told CEN:

“It was extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it in 20 years as a doctor.”

Li was a hardworking man that fell into a coma in August, 2013 after spending nearly a week without any sleep at an internet cafe researching business ideas.

Doctors spent months trying to figure out a way to wake Li up, but were unsuccessful. That is, until his family revealed his love for success and money. Tang told CEN:

“We had asked his family what really drove him, and they were very clear that it was money. When we learned about his fondness for money, we experimented with notes and change…Memories of smell and sound can be very powerful stimulants. We found that a crisp, new 100 yuan note crumpled under his nose worked best.”

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