Kobi Wu Pasmore shares beauty advice from the top

VP of Strategy & Creative at Blue Flame, Kobi Wu Pasmore.

Loud Mouth: 

*What’s your beauty advice for young women launching into the work world?

I think the soundest advice I can give is that people are observing not only the way you work, but they way you carry yourself. It’s important to employ the things you need to maintain your confidence. I would always say, simple make up is best so your colleagues or your boss are not distracted by poorly applied or too much make up.


*Describe your own ‘sure thing’ beauty look at work.

Keep it simple. Clean hair. Tinted lip and cheeks. Mascara.  I get a blowout almost every week keeping my style classic and loose or a simple ponytail. For make up, I moisturize and do a neutral tint on the lip and cheeks.  And always – and I do mean always -keep mascara on hand to make sure that even if I’m wearing my glasses, my eyes pop.


*Who’s your beauty inspiration and why?

I suppose beauty is inspired by an attitude in which case it’s difficult to name just one person. There are so many people I admire. But if I have to pick someone, I’ll go with Diane Von Furstenberg.  She’s elegant and beautiful in her imperfections and she knows that the simple things make the best foundation for everything else.  Get the simple things down first and then everything else becomes the cherry on top.


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