Rainbow Tse, a teenage Hong Kong artist to watch at the Asia Contemporary Art Show

Tse with “BLUR”

Coconuts Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is turning international heads for its blossoming art scene, with the city now going Art Basel-crazy every year, and art shows of every conceivable theme piggybacking off its success.

But the city is in danger of having its own artists’ voices buried by the influx of works from established names of the West, whether Pablo Picasso or Paul McCarthy.

Thankfully, the Asia Contemporary Art Show is making sure to showcase local artists like Rainbow Tse, only 18 years old.

Her watercolors depict the beauty of the city in a way that only a true local can. She transforms a mundane car ride – one familiar to hundreds of commuters – into a larger-than-life, dreamy scene, where car lights and sunlight mingle to create beautiful, vibrant colors.

Compositionally, I focus on the light source of the piece,” Tse told us via email. “I often use the wet-on-wet watercolor technique in my paintings, mainly because it is able to create a very flowing and soft effect.

Tse chooses to paint familiar Hong Kong scenes to tap into the emotions people may have already associated with them.

One environment can hold so many different memories and experiences to different people,” she explains. “So by expressing certain moods and atmospheres in a painting, it can draw the audience into experiencing the scene and evoking memories of their own.

I am very excited about exhibiting at the Asia Contemporary Art Show,” she gushed. “I remember visiting this show last year, looking at all the great artists and their work. I am very happy to be part of it this year!

Tse, only 18 years old, will be exhibiting her paintings for the first time at this year’s edition of the show. The young artist hopes to inspire busy Hongkongers to remember to pause and look around them.

Individuals often rush from one place to another and don’t notice the environment around them,” she laments. “Through art they can experience the beauty that is in this world.”

What: Asia Contemporary Art Show
When: March 12 – 15, 2015. Get the times here
Where: 40 – 44th floors, Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, Admiralty. (Google Maps)
Price: VIP: HKD260; Standard: HKD180 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door).
Tickets: Get them here


“Golden Hour” (Sold)


“The Road Back” (Sold)



 “Sunset Saunter” (Sold)


“Cyber” (Sold)


“Rooftop” (Sold)


“Red Glow”

“Festivity” (Sold)


“After Work”




“6 PM” (Sold)


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