Next Shark: Hong Kong leader’s daughter has epic Facebook meltdown and resorts to “Leaving Home Forever”

Next Shark: 

After Chai Yan Leung made her posts on Facebook, her page was deactivated. Shortly after, it reappeared with new posts and allegations from Leung. Her Facebook is currently deactivated again. Press has also surrounded the government’s house following the posts.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.12.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.12.54 PM

When it comes to stress, money doesn’t mean shit. That’s the lesson we picked up from Chai Yan Leung’s, the eccentric daughter of Hong Kong’s chief executive, most recent Facebook meltdown, following an alleged parental scuffle that ended with “Leaving Home Forever.”

It all started with this post:

chai yan 6

The Chinese, what we assume to be Honk Kong-styled cursing, (very) roughly translates to: “You are stupid. You are a slut. You should go be a hooker.”

Then Chai makes the first of some very emotionally-driven wishes.

chai yan 5

chai yan 4

Pretty much every kid wishes this at some point in their life, right?  Then things start to get dark…

chai yan 3

The Chinese characters refer to the Government House, where Hong Kong’s chief executive lives — fortunately, it only has three stories max…

 chai yan 2

chai yan 1





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