The art of book stacking in stores of Japan

RocketNews 24:

With bookstores in Japan overflowing with manga, novels and non-fiction, it takes a lot to stand out and get noticed. However, with the advent of the three styles of book stacking we’re going to show, it’s impossible for passersby not to stop and take a gander at these literary works.

The first type of stacking is the Tower which involves arranging the books to resemble a building or castle. Although style is important, size and strength seem to be the goals of this style.

Flower Tower

▼  We can see the beginnings of the next two styles in this one.

By pushing the previous style to its limits we get the Spiral style of stacking. This appears to be the least stable but perhaps the most eye-catching of stacking styles.

And here we can see the early stages of the next style.

The Tornado style is a variation of the Spiral in that it’s actually two spirals intertwined. This style provides a nice balance of attractiveness and sturdiness.

While still an emerging art, the ultimate book stacking style would combine style and strength but also allow customers to actually pick a copy up so they can buy it.

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