Spooky unfinished theme park in Wuhan re-discovered by tourists


Shanghaiist (by Liam Bourke):

In a country where tacky copy-cat monuments are commonplace and grandiose architectural ambitions regularly turn to dust, it should come as no surprise to see the two collide in photos taken by tourists at an abandoned amusement park in Wuhan, Hubei province.


Construction on the “Universal Park” began in 1996 and ceased in 1999 due to a lack of funds and an unforeseen transportation dilemma.


Some 16 years after it was deserted, tourists have returned to the eerily overgrown theme park to take wedding photos and enjoy camping and picnicking against the sightly incongruous backdrop of mock Egyptian pyramids and hieroglyphic-inscripted temples.


A tourist poses for a selfie with what looks like a post-apocalyptic Hogwarts castle.


The rise of creepy ghost-towns across China has accompanied China’s economic boom, as its often over-zealous urban expansionism has allowed for lavishly immoderate designs which were found to be totally superfluous in reality. If you need proof, check out China’s largest shopping mall which remained 99 percent empty seven years after it opened.

Hopefully, however, this aborted wonder can still be a Mecca for tourists (or hermits) and avoids the fate of the attempted “Wonderland Amusement Park” in Beijing, which was demolished 15 years after construction began in 2013.


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