Epic Prank: Malaysian professional autosports/drifting champ Leona Chin pranks driving instructors

Auto Evolution: 

See the girl in the screenshot above? Her name is Leona Chin Lyweoi, she’s in her late 20s and, despite appearances, she’s been drifting since 2006. Hardly believable, more so when you take into consideration that Leona claimed top spot in Category 1 Ladies on multiple occasions.

The Malaysian professional motorsports athlete (and entrepreneur) is the type of woman that prefers the smell of burning rubber over getting her nails done at the beauty salon. Speaking of beauty, she hardly looks as a 28-year-old woman, especially when disguised as a high school student on her first driving lesson.

Leona Chin, together with social experiments and pranks specialist MaxMan.TV, were approached by a Malaysian driving school that thought it would be funny to prank their newly employed instructors.

Without further beating around the bush, make-up artists transformed our drift queen into a “Fast & Furious nerd” with a big desire to get her driver’s license. Geeky glasses, pigtails, a love-hate relationship with the clutch pedal and unassuming driving instructors are on the following video’s menu.

However, the highly modified Nissan Silvia (S15) used to make this prank happen isn’t exactly an ordinary vehicle for training. She told a driving instructor that it’s her brother’s car, but little do this guy and the other instructors know that Leona is about to scare the hell out of them with her top-class hooning skills.

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