Timeless beauty: Color video of 1930s Kyoto shows how women of the day got their hair done


RocketNews 24:

There’s something almost magical about old videos. They’re like looking through a magic mirror with bad reception into the past. It kind of makes you wonder what people in a few hundred years will have to say about our Vine videos.

But even better than old videos, are old color videos! They’re probably as close to time travel as we’ll ever come. Take this lovely video of Kyoto from 1934 for example. Though it’s not the oldest color video in existence, this video still manages to captivate us with its depiction of mageyui, the process of putting one’s hair up into one of the traditional mage hair styles.

Though this video has been online for several years, it’s been capturing attention online again recently, and it’s easy to see why. Recorded in 1934, this color video starts with a few scenes of Kyoto’s natural beauty, including cherry trees and a river, in addition to several women in kimono and mage hairstyles.

Mage are the many different traditional hairstyles of Japan, such as the shimada mageand kase mage. But the majority of the video is actually about mageyui, the process of putting one’s hair into a mage style.

▼ A few different mage styles for women from Japanese history


Sadly, these days you’re not likely to see anyone running around with a traditional mageoutside of certain formal events, though that doesn’t make them any less fascinating. Of course, one of the most interesting things about mage isn’t the finished product so much as the whole process!

So, if you’ve ever wondered how people get their hair just right, you’ll definitely want to check out this video. The hairstyling gets started about a minute and a half in, but the first 90 seconds are hardly a waste of your time.

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