Mazda Bike by KODO Concept

KODO’ is the term that Mazda uses for its design philosophy, which refers to the dynamic poise of a figure before it jumps into motion. It’s with this ethos that the Japanese brand has released publicly adored silhouettes, from the ubiquitous Mazda 6 to more conceptual models like 2010′s Shinari.

Here we find the brand taking a different road, as it were, expressing this design language via a new bicycle. The Mazda ‘Bike by KODO’ concept explores two integral Mazda ideas – “RIN,” a sense of self-restrained dignity; and “EN,” an attractive sensuality – with a minimally-constructed track racer. The bicycle was meticulously crafted from a single sheet of steel, while the leather saddle harkens back to Mazda’s MX-5 sport coupe.

Considering the bike was released as a part of the brand’s “Mazda Design: The Car as Art” exhibition in Milan, we don’t imagine it’ll hit a velodrome near us anytime soon – but at least it’s nice to look at.

One thought on “Mazda Bike by KODO Concept

  1. Huffy + Tron. If you cut off other riders, they explode in an electrical burst. It’s pretty sweet.

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