GoPro: The Streets of Japan in 4K


While it has traditionally reveled in its reputation as the premier maker of action cameras, GoPro is also eager to push the new 4K ultra-high definition capabilities of the newest HERO4 camera as a documentary tool. Cue this stunning look at the grittier, flashier side of Japan through its motorhead subculture, otherwise known as the Bōsōzoku, which literally translates as “violent speed tribe.”

While the Bōsōzoku were seen as a blemish on Japanese society in the ’80s and ’90s for their blatant violations of traffic laws, deafening mufflers and complete disregard for personal safety, their numbers have since declined, and this documentary explores what those former rebels without a cause have moved onto. Taking us on nighttime joyrides with gangs of decked-out Lamborghinis which provide a moving light show through the streets of Tokyo, the nine-minute film is narrated throughout by the musings of these larger-than-life personalities on car culture and Japanese society, who live a real-life version of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift on the daily.

Enjoy the short film above, and check out the rest of GoPro’s cinematic offerings on YouTube.

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