Heartwarming viral video showing the struggles of working moms in Japan


Next Shark (by Riley Schatzle):

A new viral video is showing audiences around the world the plight of Japanese mothers who work full-time jobs while having to also maintain the household and take care of their children.

According to RocketNews24, Japanese mothers who quit their day jobs to become full-time mothers are given more respect than mothers who work around the clock trying to make ends meet.

The new short video created by Tokyo-based software company Cybozu portrays a mother who is on the verge of a breakdown. She does not get help from her husband, and her male co-workers do not fully understand the sacrifices she has to make just to pick up her sick son from school.

Cybozu is challenging individuals to see the pain and sacrifice these mothers are experiencing on a daily basis. The video stars Japanese actress Eri Fukatsu as a mother who gives up countless hours of sleep for the sake of her little boy.

Check out both video below:

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