Want to study abroad in Japan but short on funds? The Freeman-ASIA program might be able to help!


RocketNews 24 (by Preston Phro):

Scholarships for US students studying abroad ensure more people get chance to experience learning in Asia.

College is a time for experimentation, exploration, and adventure. Also, maybe a little bit of learning, too, if you feel like getting really crazy! Of course, there’s no better way to have an adventure than spending a semester or two abroad—especially if you haven’t done much international travel yet.

However, one of the hallmarks of student life is living on a meager (or non-existent) income, so getting that study abroad experience can end up costing more than is practical or even possible.

IIE announced this week that the Freeman-ASIA scholarship is being relaunched and students can begin applying for summer, single semester, or even academic year awards starting February first. The money awarded will average US$3,000 for a summer program, $5,000 for a single semester, and $7,000 for a full academic year—which probably won’t be all the money you need but will definitely help put a huge dent in the cost of any program you enroll in.

Here’s the website.

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