Justice League re-created as traditional Malaysian shadow puppets


DC Superheroes re-imagined as traditional Malaysian Wayang Kulit shadow puppets by Fusion Wayang Kulit!

Called the DC Superhero Wayang Kulit Exhibition, Tintoy Chuo and his Fusion Wayang Kulit first came into prominence when they first performed Peperangan Bintang (the direct Malay translation for Star Wars) back in 2013.



One thought on “Justice League re-created as traditional Malaysian shadow puppets

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    I would like to request for artwork images of DC Superheroes re-imagined as traditional Malaysian Wayang Kulit shadow puppets by Fusion Wayang Kulit ( 1 & 2 from the top) which we would like to use for our Grade 6 curriculum book.

    We would be obliged if you could provide with High resolution image with details and the Permission for the same.

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