An axis for artistic and creative-types of the Asian persuasian…
Redefining Otaku Culture and providing a little inspirasian.

Welcome to Team-Yellow, a site showcasing Asian, Asian American, Southeast Asian, and South Asian artists and creatives. Too often, Asians have been unjustifiably stereotyped as uptight, repressed, or uncool, when in actuality there is a large community of Asian artists, performers, and designers (art, fashion, culinary, architecture, technology, gaming, etc.)  that are creating and setting trends at the top level.

The name “Team Yellow,” as it pertains to Asian performance artists, was originally coined in the 1990’s amongst a group of Asian American dancers on the L.A. scene. A small group of supremely talented dancers kept getting called to support top acts in the industry such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Pink, Cher, etc. This collective initially used the name half-jokingly, but eventually it stuck as the elite group of talent grew over the years.

I was initially introduced to this phrase by two Asian American dancers (second-generation “members” of Team Yellow) on a gig in the late-2000’s. Later, I got to tour and collaborate with one of the founding Team Yellow members. The name resounded with me, so I did my part to spread it amongst my artistic Asian friends who run the gamut from being in the music and television industries to the visual, culinary, and even, circus arts.

I take no credit whatsoever for the “Team Yellow” moniker, but instead have chosen to use it as the name for this site. The point is to celebrate the accomplishments and showcase items of interest as it pertains to us Asian artists.

Yes, some of us survived “Tiger Parents,” are FOB’s* or 3CK’s**, excelled in academics, or even studied martial arts. But we also are setting the bar in performing arts, visual arts, design, culinary arts, fashion, sports, and overall pop culture. Many of us straddle multiple cultures including those of our ancestral home, our social world, and our artistic surroundings. We are purveyors of high achievements and hipness, and success with style. We are redefining Otaku Culture.

Basically, we on Team-Yellow kick ass…

Try and keep up.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I am a TV Producer in San Francisco, CA and working on a news and information program for TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting Systems).

    We would like to get a permission to use some of photos from Jed’s Island Resort in the Philippines in our program to be aired on Sunday, Feb. 22. https://team-yellow.com/2015/02/16/resort-in-philippines-has-literally-giant-gundam-rip-off-plus-disney-and-marvel-knockoffs-galore/

    I would appreciate if you could get back to me via e-mail.

    Thank you so much,

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