Incredible “Bubble Art” by Su Chung Tai, Taiwan’s “Bubble Performance Master”

Laughing Squid:

Taipei production team Kuma Films takes a break from its usual fare to capture the amazing work of Su Chung Tai, a Taiwanese performance artist who creates some truly impressive pieces of bubble art. The “Bubble Performance Master” manipulates bubbles in some really astounding ways, including complex chains of up to 30 bubbles.


“Lord of the Ring”

Lord of the Ring” is a video by production team Kuma Films that looks at the amazing acrobatics of Taiwanese street performer Isaac Hou, who walks, spins, and executes various other maneuvers inside of a metal hoop. The ring is a Cyr wheel, a stainless steel hoop covered in PVC designed for circus and gymnastic performances.


BBC: Michelle Yeoh coming back for prequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Michelle Yeoh



Titled The Green Destiny, the movie will see Michelle Yeoh reprise her role as female warrior Yu Shu Lien.

Pre-production is believed to have begun. Filming is due to start in Auckland, New Zealand, with two further weeks of shooting in China.

Yuen Woo-ping, who co-ordinated the action scenes in the original, will step behind the camera for the prequel.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon remains the most successful Chinese-language film of all time, making $213.5m (£127m) on its release in 2000.

It won the best foreign-language Oscar the following year, with three more awards in the technical categories.

Ang Lee accepts his Oscar in 2001Ang Lee won the first of three Oscars for the original

Part of the reason for the film’s success was that it operated on many different levels. It was a love story, a martial arts fantasy with a feminist twist and an historical epic set against a backdrop of spectacular locations in China.

Director Ang Lee also employed sophisticated technology that enabled the characters to perform gravity-defying stunts, drawing in fans of the previous year’s box office hit, The Matrix.

But plans for a prequel were delayed by a row over the film rights to Wang Du Lu‘s novels, on which the film was based.

Columbia Pictures claimed it had struck a deal with the late writer’s son in 2005. He denied this, and said he had signed an agreement with The Weinstein Company, another US studio.

With the case resolved, The Weinstein Company is pushing ahead with the prequel, choosing New Zealand as a location thanks to a generous production incentive that offers filmmakers a 20% rebate on money spent in the country.

The Green Destiny draws on the fifth book in Wang’s series, Silver Vase, Iron Night.

This introduces a new generation of star-crossed lovers, and a new series of antagonists in a battle of good and evil,” screenwriter John Fusco told movie website Deadline last year.

Although Fusco is known for US blockbusters such as Young Guns I and II, he also penned The Forbidden Kingdom for Jet Li and Jackie Chan in 2008.

The film, which drew on the writer’s own martial arts training, broke opening day box office records in China.

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Michelle Yeoh coming back for prequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Hundreds of thousands attend San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

AsAm News:

Chinese New Year Parade San Francisco Hundreds of thousands of parade goers lined the one and a half mile parade route in San Francisco to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

The annual Chinese New Year parade culminates the two week celebration and is the largest gathering for the New Year outside of Asia.

As usual the 268 foot long Golden Dragon was the highlight, but there were more than 100 parade entries including marching bands, floats and school groups.

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Hundreds of thousands attend SF Chinese New Year Parade


The Biggest Movie In The World Right Now Is About A Mystical Monkey

The Monkey King grossed an estimated $46 million this weekend, and almost all of that money came from China.

The highest-grossing movie in the world this weekend wasn’t released in the United States, or in Europe, or in South America, but in China. The Monkey King opened in the world’s most populous country, as well as six other territories, with an estimated $46 million, according to Variety. If those estimates hold, it will be nearly four times the top-grossing movie at the U.S. box office this weekend, the Kevin Hart-comedy Ride Along, with $12 million.

Following the exploits of a mystical, powerful monkey (Donnie Yen, also the film’s fight choreographer), the 3D film is based on part of the 16th-century Chinese mythological novel Journey to the West. It debuted on the first day of the Chinese New Year, setting a new opening-day record in that country with an estimated $20 million. It also appears to have set a single-day worldwide record for IMAX, with $1.8 million.

The success underlines the rapid growth of the Chinese box office, and why American studios have worked so tirelessly to schedule their films within the country (a process that requires a non-native film either be a Chinese co-production, or released in partnership with a Chinese exhibitor). Last year, Pacific Rim grossed more in China than it did in the U.S., and the top-grossing film in the U.S., Iron Man 3, came in second at the annual box office in China to a separate adaptation of Journey to the West, entitled Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons.

According to the Facebook page for The Monkey King, the film will be released in the U.S. this summer.


Japanese “Precision Walking” competition

Shuudan Koudou’, which means ‘collective action’, is a competition where teams of men and women outperform each other in a series of complex and unbelievable synchronized walking routines – similar to those of military movement exercises. The tradition dates way back to 1966, and thousands of spectators flock to Japan’s Nippon Sports Science University to see the amazing display of human precision and discipline.

Average total distance they walk? 1,200 kilometres. Roughly the distance between New York and Chicago.


12 Soothing pictures of White Whales dancing with people in China

RocketNews 24:


White whales appear to perform a serene dance with their trainers at Harbin Pole Aquarium in China.


2. Chin tickle time.

Chin tickle time.

3. Hi there!

Hi there!

4. Behind you!

Behind you!




8. White whales love an affectionate peck, mwah!

White whales love an affectionate peck, mwah!


10. Impressive bubble ring.

Impressive bubble ring.


12. Who’s next for a dance?

Who's next for a dance?

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Japanese TED Speaker Turns Yo-yo Performance into a Martial Art, Receives Standing Ovation

Filmed in February this year at a TED conference in Long Beach, California, the following video sees a young man by the name of Black take to the stage dressed like a cross between a ninja and a rock star. After telling the story of how he first picked up a yo-yo and struggled to perform even the simplest of tricks, he goes on to talk about how mastering this simple toy gave him the confidence he always lacked. As if more proof were needed having already seen him calmly address thousands of spectators in English, Black then launches into a yo-yo routine that left us completely open-mouthed.

One of just three Japanese to have taken to the TED stage, as well as being crowned champion in the World Yo-Yo Contest in both 2001 and 2007 young Black is also a qualified systems engineer. Soon after completing his educational training, however, he realized that his real passion was in performing.