South Korean rapper G-Dragon visits photographer Terry Richardson’s studio


After visiting Terry Richardson’s studio in 2012,  South Korean rapper G-Dragon returns to team up with the controversial photographer once again.

In the candid images, the musician channels his boisterous personality for the snaps, wearing leather pants and an oversized muscle T-shirt. In the past, the rapper has worked with Giuseppe Zanotti to release an exclusive capsule collection and even DRx Romanelli, for a collaborative project along with YG Entertainment










Japanese kids tear up the dance floor and win 1st place in the youth category of the World of Dance competition

RocketNews 24:

There was an overflow of talent, skilled dancers, and amazing performances at the World of Dance competition held in Los Angeles last month, but this boy’s dance group from Japan made a particularly strong impression on the audience. Not only were their moves awe-inspiring and beautifully synchronized, but the fact that everyone in the group was of high school age or younger made their dance all the more incredible.

Watch the full video below and be blown away by the high-flying flips, spins, and awesome soundtrack!

The World of Dance competition was held on August 16 in Los Angeles, and the youth break dancing group Kyushudanji Shinsengumi (九州男児新鮮組) from Japan really stole the show with their number, taking first place in the youth category and inspiring waves of awe throughout the Japanese community on Twitter.

Evangelion designer’s illustration of virtual idol/vocaloid Hatsune Miku released as a cool new figurine

HM 0

RocketNews 24 (by Casey Baseel):

Virtual idol or not, there’s no denying that Hatsune Miku is a bona fide star in the Japanese music scene. But while human vocalists might have professional photographers eager to take their pictures for a glossy photo spread, the equivalent for Vocaloids like Miku is being drawn or redesigned by famous artists of the anime and video game world.

Last year we saw Miku as reimagined in CG by Final Fantasy’s Tetsuya Nomura, and now the world’s most popular computer-generated songstress is being given a new physical form as a figure based on a redesign by the character designer of seminal anime hit Evangelion.

While Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is best known for creating the look of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and the rest of the Eva cast, he’s got a number of other impressive designs on his resume. Sadamoto’s history with animation studio Gainax stretches back to long before the company produced Evangelion, as he was also the character designer for Gainax’s professional debut work, The Wings of Honneamise, as well as Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, the studio’s first television series.

Gainax isn’t the sole beneficiary of Sadamoto’s talents, either. In recent years, he’s provided designs for several of director Mamoru Hosoda’s animated films, including Summer Wars and Wolf Children. Sadamoto also collaborated with sound producer Mitchie M by providing the cover illustration to 2013 Greatest Idol, an album created by Mitchie M using Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid program.

HM 1

Given how many fans Miku and Sadamoto have separately, Japanese anime merchandiser Good Smile Company figures there should be plenty of people intrigued by their team-up, and so recently unveiled this 1:8 scale figure of the Sadamoto-designed Miku.

HM 2

Standing roughly 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) tall, Good Smile Company has done an excellent job bringing Sadamoto’s characteristically slender limbs and angular jaw line into three-dimensional space.

HM 3

HM 4

HM 5

HM 6

The Hatsune Miku Greatest Idol Ver. figure, as the piece is officially called, goes on sale in May, but Good Smile Company is taking preorders through its website here between now and September 30.

For those who purchase early, 12,000 yen (US$100) gets you not only the figure, but also a 420 by 297 millimeter (16.5 by 11.7 inch) tapestry of the original Sadamoto Miku illustration.

Giuseppe Zanotti and K-Pop star G-Dragon are set to launch a footwear capsule collection

Italian luxury footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti has teamed up with K-pop sensation G-Dragon for a capsule range of footwear. According to a report on WWD, the forthcoming collection will keep in-line with the Korean icon’s penchant for flamboyant fashion, and will include unisex loafer and a lace-up shoe. Both versions will be available in black with multi-colored glitter embellishing the upper, which sits atop of a lightweight rubber sole.

According to the Italian designer, working with G-Dragon is “something that we wanted to do as he is currently one of the biggest stars in Korea with a huge following in Asia.”

G-Dragon himself seemed pleased with the collaboration stating “These shoes turned out exactly how I wanted to. It’s not just girls or women who get excited and worked up over pretty shoes. I think guys can feel that way, too, and I think both will feel that way about these shoes.”

Sega to turn the addicting Puyo Puyo puzzle game into a live show in Tokyo for its 24th anniversary

2015.03.21 puyopuyo copy

RocketNews 24:

If you live outside of Japan, you’d be forgiven if you said you’d never heard of a wildly popular tile-matching video game Puyo Puyo. The puzzle game may have been initially inspired by Tetris, but the combination of competitive gameplay, cute characters, and a fun storyline have gained a huge following in Japan since it was first launched there in 1991.

And to celebrate the 24 years since gamers first got addicted to arranging rows of colorful, little blobs, Sega is turning the game into a live show next month with a cast of Japanese idols, actresses and models.

Puyo Puyo, which was first released on the Sega’s Mega Drive system in 1991, has become a hit in Japan and has spawned a series games over many different systems and even teamed up with Tetris last year to launch a crossover title. The game was originally created by the company Compile, but after it went bust in 2003, Sega got the rights and has been keeping Puyo Puyo alive for its many fans in Japan. Sega has said the special anniversary live show will be an original story based on the many characters that have come out of the series in the past 24 years, including the heroine Arle Nadja.


2015.03.21 puyopuyo mega drive

The show kicks off on May 2 and will have eight performances over five days in the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo. Among the cast are Japanese actresses, idols and a J-Pop star or two, including fashion model Risako Ito who will play the role of Arle. There will also be a chance to win a special edition Aime IC card to use to save your status in the latest arcade version of the game called Puyo Puyo Quest Arcade. And everyone who comes to the show will be given a special code to use in the Puyo Puyosmartphone app.

▼ A flyer for the 24th anniversary live Puyo Puyo show

2015.03.21 puyopuyo

Japanese netizens were excited to see one of their favorite video games coming to life with some shocked that it has been 24 years since Puyo Puyo first came out.

Super-skilled girl band “5572320” reveals music video for “Hanseiki Yuutousei”, but not their identities

RocketNews 24:

Mysterious, skilled Japanese girls’ rock band (pronounced: go go nana ni san ni rei) have appeared out of nowhere with a music video for their song, titled “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (Half a Century Honor Student). Their debut single is due for release on March 25, but the identities of these young ladies remains a complete mystery.

Check out their video:

The girls’ music is packed with dissonance and syncopation but, their formation is also unorthodox: three drummers and five guitarists but no bass player. Could it be that all this complexity is meant to reflect the complex feelings of youth? After all, the lyrics do talk about the desire to change oneself, a common feeling during one’s teen years. The contrast between the hard music and setting which looks like it could be an idol music video makes an interesting statement as well.

Several commenters on the video seem to be convinced that this is idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku hiding their faces. Given the eclectic nature of Ebichu’s music and their unpredictable videos, that would not be surprising. Regardless of who these eight mysterious young girls are, they have skills beyond a typical band, male or female. Perhaps we’ll learn more when they officially debut on March 20.


Although details are still scarce, we hope that information on where to get “Hanseiki Yuutousei” (Half a Century Honor Student)” will be released soon since it’s really catchy, even though we’re probably tapping our feet to the wrong beats. In the meantime, here is the cover art.

The band’s official site can be accessed here.