Yahoo! Japan to make disaster relief donation for every person who searches for 3.11 on March 11

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RocketNews 24:

Four years on, the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis that befell Japan’s Tohoku region on March 11, 2011 have very little effect on the day-to-day lives of most people in the country. The rolling blackouts have stopped. Batteries and bottled water are once again readily available. Trains are running, and whole cities aren’t spending hours walking home from work or school.

But while a return to normalcy is a desirable, and ultimately necessary, part of recovery, it’s also important to remember what happened. To stem the forgetfulness that often accompanies the later stages of coping with tragedy, on March 11 Yahoo! Japan will be making a donation to the Tohoku recovery efforts for every person that searches for “3.11” through the company’s search engine.

The Internet provider and portal conducted an identical initiative last year, supplying a total of 25,683,250 yen (approximately US $216,00) to charitable organizations. This year, Yahoo! will be making its donation to the Tohoku Recovery Support Organization (Toholu Fukkou Shien Dantai in Japanese).

A 10-yen donation will be made for each user who searches for “3.11” between midnight and 11:59 p.m. on March 11. To reiterate, the donation is made per user, not per search. Once you’ve searched once, you’ve done your job, so there’s nothing to be gained by repeating the search over and over again.

Instead, Yahoo! would prefer you took the time to read through some of the results that come up, in keeping with the program’s aim of creating a moment in which to think about the places and people’s lives which were so abruptly changed in 2011. The company also plans to release a video with interviews of people from the disaster-struck towns of Ishinomaki, Yamadamachi, and Soma, which are located in Miyazaki, Iwate, and Fukushima Prefectures, respectively. Yahoo! will also be creating a visualization of 3.11-releated searches, similar to the one from 2014

▼ Aside from jishin/地震 (“earthquake”), dengonban/伝言板 (“message board”), yoshin/余震 (aftershock), gienkin/義援金 (“donation”), and gasorin/ガソリン (“gasoline”) are all prominently featured.

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Yahoo! Japan’s search box can be found here.

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Japanese “Coffee Beer” raises funds for earthquake/tsunami disaster relief

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Recently, renowned Japanese design studio Nendo was invited by local brewery Sekinoichi to design the packaging for their newly created coffee-infused beer.

Sekinoichi created the ‘Coffee Beer’ to raise funds to help Japan rebuild itself after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. As both companies were devastated by the natural disasters and to keep costs low, Nendo used Sekinoichi’s existing bottles and applied printed golden coffee bean labels to them. Each bottle is unique and applying the labels by hand is a time-consuming process, but the goal of this project is to infuse each bottle with the “makers’ thoughts and feelings.”

The ‘Coffee Beer’ is described as “a beer with a rich, deep taste, due to the coffee beans added during the brewing process.” For coffee lovers and beer drinkers, this drink kills two birds with one stone, and helps Japan rebuild.

We designed the bottles for Coffee Beer, a collaboration between Anchor Coffee, a coffee business in Kesennuma, a small city in northern Japan, and sake and beer brewery Sekinoichi of Ichinoseki, another small city in the same region. Both Kesennuma and Ichinoseki were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011, so the beer is a charity project to fundraise for disaster relief.

To keep costs low, we used the existing bottles, and covered them with small labels in the shape of coffee beans, applied by hand. The bottle design is simple enough to maintain brand identity and also unique, as the pattern varies slightly with every bottle.

Check out this link:

The ‘Coffee Beer’ Raises Funds for Disaster Relief in Japan

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