Giant Gundam headed for Hong Kong

Unicorn Gundam

RocketNews 24 (by Aleisha Riboldi):

Citizens of Hong Kong, brace yourself. An exciting Gundam exhibition is headed your way. This summer, as part of a month-long exhibition in Hong Kong, a giant  Gundam statue – something not usually seen outside of Japan’s Odaiba Bay in Tokyo – will be on display.

This isn’t the first time that Hong Kong has hosted a Gundam display; two years ago, there was an exhibit featuring a stand-off between an RX-78 Gundam statue and a Char’s Zaku statue. This time around, the exhibition will feature several giant displays including a 1:3 scale statue of an RX-0 Unicorn Gundam suspended Wing Gundam, a three-metre (approx. 10-foot) wide S-06F Zaku II head, and two-metre (6.5 foot) tall Gundam Build Fighters TRY statues.

Gundam build fighters

Gundam suspended

According to the Gundam Global Portal Facebook page, there will also be the chance to meet director Kazuhiro Furuhashi and voice actor Koki Uchiyama from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam UC. In addition, there will be lots of limited-edition model kits and items as well as a display of Hajime Katoki’s Gundam art which has never been exhibited outside of Japan.

Screen shot 2015-07-12 at 8.55.37 PM

Occupying Hong Kong’s Time Square, the exhibit will no doubt be hard to miss. The event, titled “Gundam docks at Hong Kong II“, will only be on exhibit for a limited time running from August 1-31.

Daft Punk x Medicom Toy (Japan) “Random Access Memories” Set

Toyota redesigning Prius plug-in hybrid to double car’s all-electric range

PP 1

RocketNews 24:

Toyota’s Prius is designed for one purpose, and it’s not to deliver the sort of exciting performance that will seduce you into taking a spirited drive through a moonlit mountain pass (that’s another car’s job). No, the Prius promise is that it will get you from Point A to Point B in the most energy-efficient way possible.

But while the standard hybrid Prius remains a popular choice for eco-conscious motorists, sales of its plug-in variant have been stagnant. Toyota is hoping to change that, though, with an updated Prius that can travel roughly twice as far under purely electric power than the current model.

If you’re the kind of person who’s more familiar with the handling differences between front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive than what separates one class of hybrid from another, a brief refresher on just what constitutes a plug-in hybrid may be in order. Unlike a standard hybrid vehicle, the batteries in a plug-in hybrid can be charged directly by plugging the car into a socket. By allowing the car to run in either a purely electric mode or with the electric motor and gas engine working together, plug-in hybrids seek to combine the flexibility of a normal hybrid with the efficiency and lower emissions of an all-electric vehicle.

Toyota released its first plug-in Prius, called the Prius PHV, in January of 2012. Hoping to build on the strong brand awareness and reputation of the normal hybrid Prius, the company was expecting a similarly warm response for the newer, ostensibly more advanced version of the car.

PP 2

But while the Prius PHV sought to offer the advantages of both a hybrid and all-electric mode, it couldn’t deliver on the latter for very long. From a full charge, the current Prius PHV can only run 26.4 kilometers (16.4 miles) in full-electric mode before its batteries are drained, meaning that unless you’re headed someplace fairly close, you’re going to need to burn a little gas to get there and back.

Car buyers haven’t seen that as much of an advantage, especially considering that prices for the Prius PHV start at 2,931,429 yen (US$24,634), more than 30 percent more than the ordinary Prius hybrid, which is priced from 2,232,000 yen. The end result is lackluster sales numbers, and three years and three months after its launch, Toyota has only found some 20,000 buyers for the Prius PHV, a mere fifth of what the company was hoping for in that time frame.

In contrast, rival Mitsubishi Motors has enjoyed great success with its Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid SUV, which boasts a 60.2-kilometer all-electric range. Even with its much higher price (starting at 4,123,440 yen), Mitsubishi has been selling Outlander PHEVs at a brisk pace, moving 13,000 in 2015 alone.

PP 3

This sales gap has shown Toyota that it needs to step up its game, and the company has announced that the Prius PHV will be getting an update. Equipped with an increased quantity of batteries, and also thanks to weight-saving measures in other parts of the vehicle, Toyota is promising that the refreshed Prius PHV will be able to travel more than 50 kilometers in its all-electric mode, a distance roughly twice what the current model is capable of.

The new Prius PHV is expected to arrive at dealers in the fall of 2016. In the meantime, grab a map and start plotting out all the new places you’ll be able to go without needing a drop of gas.

UNDERCOVER (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer “Chaos/Balance” Sneaker


EVISU (Japan) 2015 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Trickers for SOPHNET. (Japan) 2014 Fall/Winter Wingtip

Image of Trickers for SOPHNET. 2014 Fall/Winter Wingtip

Succeeding their spring/summer collaborative line of silver-capped wingtips (seen here), iconic shoemaker Tricker’s teams with SOPHNET. to release a two-part collection for the fall/winter season. Sticking with a traditional brogue silhouette, each model is built with a navy scotch grain leather construction and a Dainite sole unit. While one appears with no additional frills, the other features a metallic gold leather toe.

The Trickers for SOPHNET. 2014 fall/winter wingtip range is currently available at participating stockists.



As part of its expansive 2014 spring/summer collection visvim has release the LHAMO SHIRT (FLUX P.W.). Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese kimono cuts and classic workwear designs, the shirt is made from a blend of cotton and linen patchwork fabric and undergone a natural dye process which gives off its unique look. Other design elements include a waist-tie and aluminum buttons at the cuffs.

Available in green, blue and purple, the LHAMO SHIRT is priced at $710 USD and can be found at visvim’s *F.I.L. retailers and its online store.



F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer (Japan) 2014 Spring/Summer VIRGIL BOOTS INDIGO


Image of F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer 2014 Spring/Summer VIRGIL BOOTS INDIGO


visvim‘s F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer label presents a new look to its celebrate VIRGIL BOOTS design. The boot is crafted via vegetable-tanned deerskin at its upper which is complemented by contrasting stitching and metal eyelets. A natural cork footbed provide further support comfort, along with a chunky Vibram outsole which is replaceable after the sole wears out.

Available in indigo and two shades of brown, head to visvim’s F.I.L. online shop to purchase the boots for $1900 USD.


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 F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer (Japan) 2014 Spring/Summer VIRGIL BOOTS INDIGO



Japanese brands Medicom Toy Bearbrick and Uniqlo UT collaborate for 2014 Spring/Summer Collection


Image of Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Uniqlo UT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection
Picking up where they left off last summer, Medicom Toy Bearbrick is back with another collaborative collection with Uniqlo‘s UT T-shirt line. Toned down from last year’s designs, the collection — in one form or another —  features the silhouette of the iconic Bearbrick figurine.
With a heavy emphasis on lines, the T-shirt collection is rather conservative in its choice of colors. Retailing for  ¥1,429 JPY (approximately $15 USD), the collection will be made available at all Uniqlo retail outlets on June 16, with a special Bearbrick charm gifted in the purchase of two tees.
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Image of Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Uniqlo UT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Image of Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Uniqlo UT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Image of Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Uniqlo UT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Image of Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Uniqlo UT 2014 Spring/Summer Collection



Image of F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer ARTISAN HOODIE F.Z. STARS
Continuing its bold designs which blend its Japanese heritage with Americana styling, visvim has released the ARTISAN HOODIE F.Z. STARS as part of its 2014 spring/summer collection. Crafted from vintage cotton, the grey zip-up hoodie features a unique American flag on its back. Hand quilted, the paisley flag is made from native American fabrics. Another statement piece from Hiroki Nakamura, the hoodie is now available from F.I.L. for ¥53,000 (approximately $520 USD).
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Image of F.I.L. Indigo Camping Trailer ARTISAN HOODIE F.Z. STARS