Art News: Ai Weiwei adds Porcelain “Blossom” installation to “@Large” exhibition on Alcatraz Island

Artist Profile: Ai Weiwei previews his upcoming “@Large” exhibition at the Alcatraz Island

Image of Ai Weiwei Previews His Upcoming “@Large” Exhibition at the Famed Alcatraz Island

Controversial Chinese artist Ai WeiWei is set to launch “@Large” on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco this weekend. Looking to his artwork as a vehicle to speak on freedom of expression and human rights, Weiwei brings his concepts to the notorious military fortification to further emphasize ideas of confinement.

Sprawled across seven installations — With Wind, Trace, Refraction, Stay Tuned, Illumination Blossom, Yours Truly — the exhibition continues Weiwei’s audacious foray in the art world. Attendees will get a chance to roam through the famed jailhouse while immersing themselves in Weiwei’s latest body of work.