Look inside Apple’s massive new store in China

RocketNews 24/Business Insider:

Apple Stores are always painstakingly designed, but the Cupertino company’s latest efforts in China take it to a whole new level. Cult Of Mac has published photos of Apple’s latest store, located in Hangzhou. Its defined by its huge glass facade, and minimalist staircases.

Here’s how it looks from the outside. Blinds are drawn during the day to avoid overwhelming customers.


Here it is at night:


It was designed by architects Foster + Partners. The firm previously built Apple a store in Istanbul, Turkey.


The store is part of an aggressive international expansion by Apple. They hope to have 40 stores in the country by the end of 2016.


According to Multi Housing News, it’s currently the largest Apple Store in Asia.


Foster + Partners says the store’s design “combines an understanding of the local context with the philosophy of simplicity, beauty and technical innovation that characterises Apple’s products, Cult Of Mac reports.


Apple is doing extremely well in China: Its products are now the top luxury gifts in the country.


Apple’s head of retail Angela Ahrendts is also encouraging US employees to relocate to China to work in the company’s stores.



Photos of people lining up outside of the Sapporo Apple Store make us feel positively frozen


We thought people were dedicated when they lined up in droves to wait for the release of the iPhone 6 earlier this year, but that’s nothing compared to what these people had to endure while waiting for New Year’s lucky bags outside of the Apple Store in Sapporo, Japan!

Would you wait outside in the freezing cold for over a day and risk catching pneumonia in order to score some spiffy Apple products?

Seriously, just looking at these photos is enough to make me throw on five extra layers and crank up the heat. I certainly wouldn’t be willing to wait around all night in freezing temperatures just to get some cool electronics, but kudos to those of you who are. Oh, and can I offer you some steaming hot tea?

Let’s take a look at some of those brave/crazy souls through the eyes of Japanese Twitter users:

“It’s snowing hard in front of the Sapporo Apple Store [around 3:20 am].”

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“It’s 5am now–is everyone still alive? Don’t die! Hang in there just a little bit longer!”

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“January 2, 5:10 am, in front of the Sapporo Apple Store. About five officers came by to make sure that the people who weren’t moving are still alive!”

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One Twitter user, @misor_cross, lined up with four others for over 42 hours and painstakingly documented the whole ordeal. Here are some of her posts:

 ▼“12/31, 4:45 pm–outside of the Sapporo Apple Store.”

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“Happy New Year! I welcomed the New Year outside of the Sapporo Apple Store. The temperature on 1/1 at 5:05 am is -4.5ºC [23.9ºF], but there are already 11 people lining up.”  

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“1/1 at 12 pm at the Sapporo Apple Store. 2o hours left until the store opens for the first business of the year! The line has grown to 32 people. I’m a bit worried about the weather–I hope it doesn’t snow…”

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“1/1 at 4:25 pm at the Sapporo Apple Store. There are 77 people lined up now! The line looks like it will wrap around the corner at Mitsukoshi [a department store]. There are plenty of Apple lovers this year as well!” 

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“1/2 at 6 am at the Sapporo Apple Store. The long, long wait is almost over! Only two hours left! By the way, there are now 130 people in line.”

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Here are some comments by other Japanese net users who saw the tweets:

“They’re gonna freeze to death!”

“What part of that is ‘lucky‘?”

“I hope they return alive…”

“Are the bags worth enough to almost die and have to go to the hospital?”

“It’s like a modern-day version of Mount Hakkoda [a 1997 Japanese film based on historical events from the winter of 1902 in which 199 out of 210 Japanese Imperial Army soldiers died during a blizzard as they were crossing Aomori Prefecture’s Mt. Hakkoda].”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some hot chocolate and crawl under my blankets to hibernate for a bit.

Apple Store SoHo presents “Meet The Designer: Hiroshi Fujiwara”- event recap


First new Japanese Apple Store opened in eight years, Apple fans celebrate best way they know how


RocketNews 24:


On 13 June, the Omotesando Apple Store opened in Tokyo. It was a rare occasion, being the first of its kind to open in Japan since the Sapporo Apple Store in 2006. Although no new product was released, an estimated 1,000 Apple fans came out to show their support in true Apple fashion by making a huge line.


Check out this link:

First new Japanese Apple Store opened in eight years, Apple fans celebrate best way they know how





The Grand Opening of Apple’s Omotesando Tokyo Store

Apple have unveiled their latest retail space in Tokyo’s Omotesando street, with an accompanying video showing the store’s hectic launch day. The street is already home to architecturally impressive spaces from Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior, and Apple have given their usual sleek minimalism to the flagship’s interior.


Ruth Asawa remembered as SF Apple Store’s new design reconsiders fountain plan


Ruth Asawa fans can rest easy – the artist’s beloved bronze fountain near San Francisco‘s Union Square is staying pretty much right where it is. On the same day a public memorial service was held to honor the late sculptor Ruth Asawa, it seems Apple has had a change of heart about an Asawa fountain San Francisco school children helped make.

Apple has presented city officials with a revised design for the flagship store it wants to build across from Union Square at Post and Stockton streets. And where the initial proposal in May relegated the fountain to an unknown fate,  most recent renderings of the new Union Square store now include the iconic art piece amid steps leading up to a plaza between the back of the Apple Store and the side of the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

A Taiko ensemble from the school named in her honor opened a tribute to Ruth Asawa in Golden Gate Park Tuesday. Family and friends gathered to celebrate the world famous San Francisco sculptor who died earlier this month at the age of 87.

Check out this link:

Ruth Asawa remembered as SF Apple Store’s new design reconsiders fountain plan

Apple Asawa