Why Korean and Japanese people can’t speak English, in their own words

KJE 10

RocketNews 24:

Native English teachers who have worked in Korea or Japan have developed very strong opinions about the systematic approach each country takes when teaching English.

What better source of feedback is there than the people who have experienced the process first-hand and now live with the fruits of their studies, or lack thereof?

Do those people identify similar problems in the current system? Has the presence of foreign English teachers in class actually had an impact on their studies? Let’s find out, when Korean and Japanese who are living overseas are asked about their English education.

Our video today comes from the YouTube channel Asian Boss, the same “bosses” who brought us a unique view of the kabe-don earlier this week. However, this time their video attacks a much more serious topic: English education in Japan and Korea. The purpose of the video is to answer, “Why Korean and Japanese students can’t speak English“.