Anime’s Tetsuwan Atom/Astro Boy shows up on a pedestrian walk signal in Japan

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For many newcomers to anime and manga, it can be hard to tell characters drawn by the same artist apart. In general, Japanese designs use fewer lines, especially in the faces, than those of Western comic books, and even some artists themselves, such as Touch creator Mitsuru Adachi, have been known to get their own cast members mixed up.

That’s not a problem with Atom, though. Also known as Astro Boy, Osamu Tezuka’sbeloved mighty robot is instantly recognizable, whether in the pages of the manga where he debuted, onscreen in one of his many anime adaptations, or, in his most recent appearance, a pedestrian walk signal in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Sagami, a coastal area in southern Kanagawa, is home to a number of technology and manufacturing centers. In order to promote the district’s cutting-edge image, 10 Sagami cities have banded together under the umbrella organization Robot Town Sagami.

Atom serves as the group’s mascot, and in its promotional video, Robot Town Sagami says it’s inspired by seven of Atom’s features: his 100,000-horse power motor, satellite and camera, sense of hearing 1,000 times stronger than a normal human’s, speech capabilities, artificial intelligence, empathy, and jet engine-powered flight.

The citizens of Robot Town Sagami may not have ticked off every item on that checklist yet, but Fujisawa, one of the member cities, does now have Atom keeping pedestrians safe, as shown in this photo.


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Even in silhouette, you can instantly tell who it is. Atom’s stalwart “don’t walk” posture shows you can be cool even when following the rules, and his gallant “walk” stride somehow makes the simple act of crossing the street seem like the start of a jaunty adventure.

▼ All right! Let’s do this thing!

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Unfortunately, Atom doesn’t have jurisdiction over all of the city. Cool as it may look, the special signal doesn’t comply with the standards signage on public roads are held to, so the only place you’ll find this one-of-a-kind signal is inside Tsujido Kaihen Kouen Park.


Animoca Launches ASTRO BOY DASH on Google Play

The world’s most favorite robot boy wonder gets his own mobile game to celebrate 50 years of Astro Boy Animation!

The timeless charm and super powers of Astro Boy helped turn Osamu Tezuka’s famous manga and anime into a worldwide phenomenon and pop culture icon. Now, Astro Boy, also known as Atom, leaps into action on the small screen with the launch of ASTRO BOY DASH by Animoca, the mobile game developer and publisher behind Pretty Pet Salon, Star Girl, Thor: Lord Of Storms, and other hits. ASTRO BOY DASH is currently available free of charge for Android devices on Google Play, and coming soon to Apple iTunes and the Amazon Appstore.

In 1963 Astro Boy became the star of his own animated television series, and became the first truly highly popular title in the collection of works that would later be grouped under the name “anime”. Over the next half century, Astro Boy starred in numerous comic books, television shows, feature films and video games that enjoyed huge popularity throughout the world. Astro Boy’s celebrity cemented the reputation of Osamu Tezuka as the “Godfather of Anime.”

Other Astro Boy titles coming soon from Animoca include ASTRO BOY DEFENSE, an action puzzle game, and ASTRO BOY PIANO, a children’s edutainment app from the company’s Baby Cortex studio.

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Animoca Launches ASTRO BOY DASH on Google Play