Godzilla: The new ‘Resurgence’ trailer

Godzilla: Resurgence” marks a number of firsts in the kaiju franchise. The film’s a hard reboot, meaning that it depicts Godzilla’s first destructive encounter with humanity for a whole new generation. It’s also the first “Godzilla” film produced by Toho Co., Ltd. in twelve years. Now a new trailer for “Godzilla’s” big return/debut, which is titled “Godzilla: Resurgence” in the United States, has been released.

The new film comes from directing team Hideki Anno (“Evangelion”) and Shinji Higuchi (“Attack on Titan”). Anno also wrote the script, which features the largest Godzilla in movie history. Now Godzilla stands 389 feet fall, making him even taller than Hollywood’s most recent take.

Godzilla enjoyed an American reboot with 2014’s “Godzilla” directed by “Rogue One: A Star Wars’” Gareth Edwards, which grossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide. A sequel is currently in development and is scheduled to arrive June 8, 2018.

Shin Godzilla” stomps its way into Japan’s theaters on July 29, 2016. No U.S. release date has been announced.

7-Eleven Japan teams up with “Attack on Titan” to bring you new video short and prizes


RocketNews 24:

Beginning on Friday, May 22, 7-Eleven stores across Japan will finally team up with the wildly popular Attack on Titan franchise to bring you a special lottery with all sorts of winnable prizes! Be sure to check out the details as well as an amusing new promotional video after the jump.

The new campaign will begin on Friday, May 22. Buy at least 700 yen (US $5.85) worth of goods at any 7-Eleven store throughout Japan and you’ll be eligible to draw a ticket at the register with the possibility of winning an Attack on Titan-themed prize. In addition, a special web commercial advertising the upcoming fair is a must-see for any fan of the series!

The web video shows the Colossal Titan plodding towards a 7-Eleven store, apparently after a brief shopping trip to his local convenience store. He mutters to himself, “I bought milk, pasta, and salad…surely this is enough to bridge the 700 yen wall!”

Just as the titan nears the wall, Eren comes into view. He replies somewhat hesitantly,“It comes to 699 yen.” Aww, poor Colossal Titan–you were so close!

The web commercial will be available to view until Tuesday, May 26.

▼ The Attack on Titan collaboration, coming to a 7-Eleven near you (minus the Colossal Titan)!


If you’re familiar with previous 7-Eleven fairs, you’ll know that the different prizes you can win in each lottery drawing are arranged in basic order of coolness, from trivial trinkets to some grand prizes that only a few people manage to get their hands on.

Check out the official campaign site here (in Japanese only, sorry) for a look at some of the prizes…

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this picture of limited life-sized Eren and Levi figures that could be yours in just a matter of days. Better start saving up those one-yen coins now!


Japanese voters pick the top manga, anime, and other works they wish to see introduced abroad


RocketNews 24:

With the ever-growing presence of Japanese media abroad, fans of various mediums might sometimes find themselves at a loss as to which series to begin next. Fortunately, a massive poll has now made the process much easier by picking out the cream of the crop as chosen by the Japanese public.

Sponsored by Japanese newspaper the Yomiuri Shinbun, Sugoi Japan recently held its first Grand Prix to determine which works in four categories–manga, anime, light novel, and entertaining novel–people deemed most worthy of being introduced abroad. Though the choice of Attack on Titan as the top manga will surprise few, given its explosive popularity, the winner of the anime category might catch some by surprise.

The award was established last year to mark the 140th anniversary of the Yomiuri Shinbun. Among works released between January 1, 2005 and July 31, 2014 (hence, no Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragon Ball, etc.), voters were asked to choose those which they would like to see gain greater recognition around the world or which they thought most likely to prove successful with foreign audiences.

The list of choices, which included both expert and general recommendations, comprised a total of 203 works. Participants could cast three votes in each category any time between October 1 and December 31, 2014.

Attack on Titan won over the agriculture-themed Silver Spoon and volleyball shōnen Haikyū! to take the top manga prize. Meanwhile, Magical Girl Madoka Magica, a dark take on the popular “magical girl” genre, emerged victorious in the anime category with a total of 77,631 votes.

Iwakami Atsuhiro, the Aniplex producer of Madoka, was present at the award ceremony to collect the prize. He commented:

Anime as a genre has had a big impact these past ten years, even while undergoing many changes–for example, the birth of late-night anime and hit series. I think this award proves just how active the industry has been. I want to carry Japan’s creative works abroad, so I’d like to see them gain even greater recognition at home.”

Foreign publishers and filmmakers are certainly keeping a close eye on products from Japan. For example, one prominent contest endorsement comes from none other than Guillermo del Toro, the acclaimed director and self-proclaimed Japan fanatic whose film Pacific Rim (2013) notably paid homage to the mecha genre. In a statement on the Sugoi Japan website, he writes:

The Sugoi Japan project will reveal amazing Japanese properties that will enrich the exchange of ideas, characters and stories that has connected both hemispheres of the globe for centuries now. I, for one, couldn’t be more eager to discover them and be stimulated by their great creativity and originality.”

Take a look below for the top ten in the four categories. Personally, we found our to-read list just doubled looking through these.


■ Manga Top 10

1. Attack on Titan

2. Silver Spoon

3. Haikyū!

4. March Comes in Like a Lion

5. Space Brothers

6. Everyday

7. One-Punch Man

8. A Bride’s Story

9. Saint Young Men

10. Assassination Classroom


■ Anime Top 10

1. Magical Girl Madoka Magica

2. Tiger and Bunny

3. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

4. Idolmaster

5. Love Live!

6. Mushishi

7. Attack on Titan

8. Natsume’s Book of Friends

9. Psycho-Pass

10. Steins;Gate


■ Light Novel Top 10

1. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

2. Sword Art Online

3. Spice and Wolf

4. No Game No Life

5. Humanity Has Declined

6. Fate/Zero

7. The Irregular at Magic High School

8. Baka and Test

9. Horned Owl and King of the Night

10. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute


■ Entertainment Novels Top 10

1. Library War

2. From the New World

3. The Night is Short, Start Walking Young Maiden

4. Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer

5. Confession

6. Genocidal Organ

7. Another

8. Accuracy of Death

9. The Glorious Team Batista

10. It’s Me, It’s Me

Attack on Titan gets arcade game by Capcom


RocketNews 24:

CAPCOM announced at Japan Amusement Expo 2015 on Friday that it has an Attack on Titan arcade game project.

The announcement was made at the end of CAPCOM‘s “crossbeats REV. Special Game Taikai in JAEPO2015″ stage event. More details will be provided this summer.

While a direct connection with this upcoming game has not been made public, CAPCOM has been working on a crossbeats REV. music game project with Konami‘s former Dance Dance Revolution composer Naoki Maeda, and it ended the event by saying “Please enjoy CAPCOM‘s music game[s].”

Attack on Titan teams up with plum wine maker for new anime alcohol

TU 1

RocketNews 24:

Along with its naked giants and high-flying fight scenes, anime and manga mega hit Attack on Titan is defined by its oppressively bleak atmosphere. Its world is one in which not only do rampaging monsters want to eat you, the ruling aristocracy is ready to kick you out of the walled city if you’re too big a drain on its resources.

Compelling as its story may be, after spending enough time in that setting, even fans of the series could find themselves needing a stiff drink. If so, they might want to reach for a glass of the soon-to-be-released Attack on Titan plum wine.

He may be a household name now, but it wasn’t too long ago that manga artist Hajime Isayama was largely unknown. The Attack on Titan creator is just 28, which means he’s only a decade or so removed from being just another kid growing up in rural Oita Prefecture.

But while the sudden skyrocketing success of Attack on Titan has brought Isayama fame, wealth, and an enviable amount of creative freedom, that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots back in his hometown of Oyama, now merged with a number of other former municipalities into Hita City. The town is equally proud of their manga star, and previously Oyama has issued stamps and held exhibitions and other events related to Attack on Titan.

TU 3

Oyama’s tiny population doesn’t really lend itself to the creation of large economic entities, but one local industry is plum wine, called umeshu in Japanese. Not only are plums grown in Oyama, but the beverage itself is produced, bottled, and sold in the town by the company Hibiki no Sato.

Isayama and Hibiko no Sato have teamed up once before to make Attack on Titan plum wine. Due to the first batch’s popularity, they’ve decided to go ahead with a second.

The set includes two 500-mililiter (16.9-ounce) bottles, each with a different type of plum wine and label specially drawn by Isayama for the project.

TU 1

The first variety is the Bande Side S, with Attack on Titan’s Levi appearing on the label (the “S” stands for “short,” because while Levi may be tough and cool, he’s definitely not tall). Made with Oyama-grown oshuku plums and aged for over three years, the Bande Side S plum wine has an alcohol content of 20 percent. Hibiki no Sato describes its flavor as strong yet crisp, and recommends drinking it on the rocks or cut with soda water.

The other bottle contains the Bande Side T, referring to the “tall” Erwin and Hange on its label. Also aged for over three years, but made from nanko plums and only 14 percent alcohol, the Bande Side T’s flavor has stronger fruit notes. Best served on the rocks, business travelers may find the taste familiar, as the same blend is also poured by airline ANA in its business class.

TU 2

Lining the two labels up next to each other produces a composite illustration of the three Survey Corps standouts relaxing together. Likewise, placing their boxes side by side also creates one large image, in keeping with the name Bande, which is German for “band” or “group.”

If you’re too thirsty to make the trip all the way down to Oita, the 3,780-yen (US$31.50)Attack on Titan plum wine set can also be purchased through convenience store Lawson. Preorders start February 24, with shipment on April 4, meaning you’ll have your bottles in plenty of time for that second season of the anime we keep hearing about.

Attack on Titan’s Universal Studios Japan attraction opens



RocketNews 24:

Universal Studios Japan is formally opening its new Attack on Titan attraction on Friday. “Attack on Titan The Real” is part of the Universal Cool Japan event (along with Evangelion, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter) which will run between January 23 and May 10. Musician and well-known Evangelion fan HYDE was among the celebrities who attended Thursday’s opening ceremony. The Mainichi Shinbun paper’s MaiDiGi filmed the opening:


The “Attack on Titan The Real” collaboration recreates the world of Hajime Isayama‘sAttack on Titan manga and anime. The attraction features a full-size, 15-meter (about 49-foot) Eren Titan — the first of its kind in the world, according to the theme park — as well as a 14-meter (46-foot) female Titan. Visitor can witness the Titans locked in fierce combat from the perspective of SurveyCorps members.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

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Kobe beef burgers coming to Japanese fast food chain Lotteria

KB 2

It’s kind of ironic that the hamburger gets saddled with a stigma as the lowest rung of entrées. Sure, it’s a staple of cheap, low-quality fast food chains, but it’s also beef, the highest form of our three most commonly eaten meats, and as such deserves a certain measure of respect.

That goes double for the newest hamburger from Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria, since it’s made with the most respected beef of all: Kobe beef.

Recently, Lotteria’s been backing off a bit on maintaining its image as the king of fast food zaniness. In recent months, the same restaurant that brought us the 10-patty Attack on Titan sandwich and milkshakes based on Japanese horror classic The Ring has rolled out a couple of limited-time items that don’t sound so much crazy as crazy-tasty, such as the Tochigi wagyu burger with strawberry sauce that we tried back in October (and crave another of right now).

On January 29, Lotteria is set to release its newest high-grade beef temptation, and this time it’s sourcing its ingredients straight from the top by using Kobe beef.

KB 1

RocketNews 24:

The Kobe beef hamburger steak burger features a coarse-ground patty made from select livestock raised with premium feed and pure water. Hardcore burger aficionados in Japan often shun ketchup in favor of specially crafted sauces, and Lotteria’s Kobe beef burger delivers on this front with a decadent double punch.

To start with, even more Kobe beef is combined with sautéed onions grown in Awaji (which, like Kobe, is in Hyogo prefecture) and tomatoes to create what Lotteria dubs Kobe beef meat sauce. This is mixed with a rich demi-glace sauce seasoned with bullion and apples, and the resulting hybrid is dolloped onto the patty before the whole thing is crowned with a soft rice flour bun sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The limited-quantity burger is sold in a set with a medium soft drink for 1,500 yen (US$12.50). You could argue that’s a lot for fast food, but hey, it’s still a bargain for a meal with Kobe beef.

Attack on Titan x Medicom Toys (Japan) 1000% Bearbrick

If the 400%-sized version of the Colossal Titan Bearbrick wasn’t large enough for some of you, the good news is that there’s now a 1000% variant, which stands at 700mm tall in all its glory. Aside from the height and the slight color change on the lines detailing the exposed muscles of the wall-destroying humanoid, everything else looks-wise, grimace and all, pretty much stays the same.

While us fans will have to continue to wait with agonizing patience for season 2 of Attack on Titan in 2016 (at least they gave us a timeline right?), the figure’s May 2015 release date does come at a good time considering that the two live-action films are set to hit theaters over the summer. So if anything, this could be a move from Medicom Toy to help start brewing a little early hype for the upcoming movies.

The Colossal Titan Bearbrick will be available at 32,000 JPY (approximately $270 USD). Find the full details here.

Terrorize your figure collection with a fully articulated titan model


RocketNews 24/Anime News Network:

In case your figure collection needs more naked people or angry titans, Kotobukiya is releasing a 160 mm (~6.3″) figure of Attack on Titan‘s Eren titan.





The figure has an MSRP of 4,968 yen (about US$42.25), and is expected to ship February 28, 2015.

Universal Studios Japan reveals details of upcoming Attack on Titan attraction


RocketNews 24:

Universal Studios Japan is about to be hit by an enemy of titanic proportions!

The popular theme park located in Osaka has finally revealed details regarding one of their most anticipated attractions ever, set to be open to the public from January 23 till May 10 of next year. Feast your eyes on all of the epicness that awaits in Attack on Titan: THE REAL! 

For many, the highlight of this attraction will be a 15-meter (49 ft) tall proportionally accurate figure of protagonist Eren in his Titan form battling a 14-meter (46 ft) tall version of the Female Titan. There will also be a model reproduction of the “Titan that ate Eren’s mother.” Take our advice and start practicing your best “about to be eaten by a Titan face” so you’re ready to take amazing photos as soon as you get there:


In addition, Universal Studios Japan has utilized their superior technological tools to create incredibly lifelike “Clone-oid” figurines of fan-favorite characters Levi, Mikasa, and Armin.

▼That’s not CGI, folks–they’re real, touchable 3-D models!


Next on the list is a special “Walkthrough Attraction” detailing the capture of the Female Titan under the leadership of the Survey Corps’ Armin. We don’t have any details as to what exactly that attraction entails, but it seems like it will be an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a critical scene from the world of Attack on Titan.

▼An advertisement hinting at the Walkthrough Attraction


After a few hours of taking in the sights, you’ll probably be ravenous–but never fear, because Universal Studios Japan has got your back with their limited-time lineup ofAttack on Titan-themed nibbles! Here we see a typical meal issued to the Survey Corps members (leaders get some extra bacon and tea-flavored bread), the black tea consumed by the Survey Corps, and a slightly terrifying mousse in the form of the Colossal Titan, which you can even cut with a miniature blade:


And that’s not all–don’t forget about the souvenirs! Currently announced are the following goods for sale: the green Survey Corps cloak, a 3-D Maneuver Gear-stylized bracelet, and Levi’s Basement Key Pendant:


Attack on Titan: THE REAL is actually one of four upcoming theme attractions at Universal Studios Japan based on mega-popular anime, manga, and video games. The other three are EVANGELION: THE REAL 4DBIOHAZARD: THE ESCAPE, and MONSTER HUNTER: THE REAL, all of which promise to be just as exciting as the Titan area. All four of them additionally fall under the park’s 2015 Universal Cool Japan campaign.

The following map illustrates the planned layout of the park with each of the individual themed areas:


With so many exciting attractions to visit early next year, we guess we can’t slack off in the next few weeks as originally planned–We’ll need every last yen to buy tickets and keep going back for more!